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What’s on your mind? George Pell? The rise of Trump? The upcoming gay marriage plebiscite? Or maybe a personal story of wonder. Whatever.  Feel free to express (within the blog guidelines of respect etc of course)



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  1. There are far too many things on my mind. College graduation, plans after that, relationships. I’m tired of this growing pain without seeing the fruits of growth. I’m learning so much about God, myself, and others but no matter how much it feels like I continue to fail. Maybe the devil trying to keep me in my sin? Relationships are hard. They’re worth it for sure but they’re hard. I’ve seen my own selfishness in a brand new, disgusting light…and Im not even married yet! Some days I wonder if I’ll be able to get a moment’s rest from it all…You know, just take a deep breath and relax. Maybe one day…


    • Hey Matthew – It’s Dawn Patterson (wife of Bryan Patterson) here. Life is hard and relationships can be hard – that is the way of the world but it is so worth the work. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 7 years old and what a journey it has been! Not the fairytale because life is not a fairytale. I am not being even remotely patronising but there is so much ahead of you – good and bad, happy and sad, the expected and the unexpected. People will disappoint you, you will disappoint yourself and you will disappoint others – of that you can be sure – but tomorrow is always a new day and we are never a failure – I think that is one of the great challenges of our faith in God – His ways are not our ways or the ways of the world – His grace covers us and the more we need His Grace and recognise it, the closer we become to Him and the more use we become in His work in this world – because He came to fix a world that is broken and when we are truly broken that is when we are our most powerful for in our weakness He is strong. Anyhoo, I am rambling but I guess of all I have learnt in the craziness of this world is that His grace is sufficient for me and He knows me better than I or anyone else knows me and still He loves me … continue in love and patience and kindness, towards others and yourself … xxxooo

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      • Hi Dawn! Your words are incredibly encouraging. I definitely appreciate the response and the sharing of wisdom. Thank you for reminding me that it is His strength that qualifies me and moves me. Have a great Sunday!


    • Seems like there has been lots of growth.
      Learning about God.
      Learning about yourself.
      Seeing things in a new light.
      Knowing you need to relax and take a deep breath.

      And yet, the best is still to come.

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    • At your age Matthew I could not have imagined the highs and lows I was soon to face. Not at any age could I envisage what lay ahead. I believed that God ensures we have no more to cope with than we can manage, but in the end I gave up and asked for an easier path. It came, in unexpected ways.

      May you learn from whatever comes your way, and grow in whatever ways you feel God wants of you.

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      • Thank you so much strewth! I’m sure that life will always find a way to take me by surprise but it is great to know that I have the Lord leading me through. It’s also amazing to have people like you and this community to take the time to encourage a stranger. Thank you for your kindness!


  2. Earlier today, I did some study on my Diploma of Early Exucation and Care. I’m upvto a module about hygiene and safety. It’s amazing all the things you have to keep in mind. Understandable, but, yeah, a lot.


  3. The rise of trump is amazing.
    How is this happening?
    Any Americans out there who can give some insights as I am blown away by it all.


    • I read somewhere that all people fall into one of three categories. The power hungry, the sadistic, and the compassionate. In varying proportions, I suppose.

      He doesn’t seem to draw much support from the compassionate, but there must be quite a number of the others!


    • Bill O’Rielly the Fox commentator made the interesting point that Trump and Bernie Sanders are the opposite sides of the same coin.

      Both are, essentially, reaching out to the disaffected and disenfranchised. Sanders with the promise of a socialist utopia and Trump with a fascist one.


      • Bubba, if you think Trump is too outlandish to be true, you might consider that in the past he has been registered (and repeatedly voted) as a Democrat

        Trump has close ties to both Hillary and Bill Clinton, and has in fact donated to her and other Democrats’ campaigns in the past..

        According to


      • Hey Strewth,

        Yep that’s been a criticism of his that he’s just playing a “role” as a Republican candidate and he’s really of the left.


      • Especially in the light of the behaviour of the Republican party over the last few years.

        Is Trump too outlandish to start wars in the middle east ?
        Too outlandish to give concessions and tax breaks to wealthy donors?
        Too outlandish to threaten to shut down the government?
        Too outlandish to de-fund planned parenthood ?
        Too outlandish to back domestic terrorists like the Bundy’s ?
        Too outlandish to condone torture and other war crimes ?
        Too outlandish to prevent any steps towards reasonable gun control ?

        Compared to his peers what exactly is Trump too outlandish at ?


      • This is my understanding of some of what Trump stands for and his values;

        All Mexicans coming to the US are the worst. Rapists and criminals. Attacked Jeb Bush because wife is from Mexico.

        Women: you have to treat ’em like s%$t

        You have to take out terrorist families

        He’ll use a hell of a lot worse than water boarding.

        I find him to be an outlandish guy.


      • Hey Dom,

        As opposed to Ted Cruz and his carpet bombing ISIS solution ?

        Yeah he’s outlandish, but not in context.


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