WATCH: American Soldier’s Jaw-Dropping Response To Islamophobe

What Would You Do? by ABC America is a hidden camera series where people are put into ethical dilemmas, given the choice between passively accepting injustice and standing up for what they believe is right.

This soldier didn’t hesitate to speak up when a young man started harassing a Muslim cashier, refusing to be served by him because “he’s a Muslim.”


11 thoughts on “WATCH: American Soldier’s Jaw-Dropping Response To Islamophobe

  1. How can governments allow the Nazi party and KKK and other racist organizations and expect people to think rationally? It’s a contradiction in terms. How did they know he was a Muslim? Islam is a religion not a race. Even Germany has banned the Nazi party. Either it’s against the law to be racist or ‘religion-phobic’ or it’s not. And if it’s not against the law then people have every right to express their opinion no matter how disgusting it may seem to others. (Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, etc) It’s the capitalist system of today combined with some un-specific nastiness from corporations, like a black widow spider in heat, knowing full well that Nazis and racists vote, and can make rich people even richer while keeping the poor workers ignorant. We are well and truly conned into believing that this is ‘democracy’ … so don’t come crying every time these scenarios happen … it’s designed to happen by more powerful people than you or me … this guy probably still thinks Obama is a Muslim, like many people did here too, on this blog. But not to worry… you can still think what you wish.

    For example, women think they know what men are thinking. They have no idea what men are thinking. If they really knew what men were thinking, they wouldn’t stop slapping us ….

    That’s what Julie Bishop and others have yet to discover about their corporate masters.

    I refuse to be less of myself because of a political correctness…. that’s a waste.

    Meanwhile Donald Rumsfeld has admitted that the US military ‘lost’ 2.3 trillion dollars during the Iraq war…. and on and on …

    Never speak to me again about morals and ethics.


    • I think, Jimbo, that some people try forget that ‘morality’, ‘ethics’, etc. are created by men to fill whatever needs are currently perceived as ‘important’ which means such ‘values’ are by nature ~ and necessarily ~ a movable feast ~ and can legitimately be used to do ‘harm’ or, equally legitimately, alleviate it. So the ‘believers’ in divine absolutes are most often disappointed .
      It’s a game I don’t play (vote) or support (pay taxes for).
      The same trooper who stood up for the shop assistant would quite happily (and self-righteously) bomb the bejesus out of the same shopkeeper and his kids in a different location.

      Though having been accused of being a smart-arse over the years, I reckon I’m as qualified as any manipulator to make up the rules by which I live ~ and maybe die
      ……whether that’s a priest, politician, police stormtrooper or the Big Banana Himself.

      But there IS a deeper motivator:- the (instinctual) guidance of your forebears….. the very same guidance that produced you.

      (I’m still trying to give away free e-copies of ‘African Genesis’ if you want one.
      (it addresses the whole range of questions raised here, but so inoffensively that even a godbotherer could read it without overheating.)


  2. Yep. I thought so too.
    But what consistently niggles at me is that it takes so very little of ordinary, everyday actions to start the ripples spreading: a bag of veggie soup and a few pills; a measly hour of a surgeon’s time……
    None of it need ever be a ‘sacrifice’.

    If enough people started a small ripple they’d aggregate into tsunamis.
    ….and all without a single prayer for backup murmured or needed.

    I suspect the trick is to incorporate the ‘ripple-generator’ into who you are, rather than make a conscious decision to ‘do good’.


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