Will God save us from Donald Trump?


Religion News Service has an interesting commentary on Donald Trump and his future.

It states: “Given Trump’s manifest moral-psychological problems, and the increasing danger he poses to the Republic, both intensifying in proportion to the positive and negative attention he is receiving, how long will it be until divine justice prevails and he is finally brought low?

“Has God created the kind of world in which tyrants are defeated?

“Is there a divinely given structure to the universe in which tyranny, just of its own nature, burns itself out?

“Does the good and just God of the universe intervene in human history to bring tyrants down?

“These kinds of questions arise in every context in which tyranny arises. It could be a setting as simple as a family, school or workplace, or as complex as a city, state or nation.

“Driven by any number or combination of inner demons, this person dominates, bullies and harms those he is supposed to serve. The greater his power, the greater the harm he does. For a time, no one seems able to stop him, despite many prayers and profound suffering.

“But so often, in the end, tyrants are destroyed.”

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23 thoughts on “Will God save us from Donald Trump?

  1. Yes, so often the tyrants are indeed destroyed.
    Sometimes people confuse individual commands or principles with that of a state.
    State are different from those of individual believers. God has appointed the state to maintain justice and punish citizens when breaking the law.. There is an obligation to carry out punishment when crimes are committed. This can even involved the death penalty.

    Tyrants too are chosen or take power because of corruption and/or the moral failure of a country. The further a nation moves away from God the less they are “covered” by Him. He is only allowing what the nation wants and so the consequences will come. America is in turmoil on many levels and if Trump indeed becomes commander and chief then it is something the nation will deserve whether for good or for bad.


  2. I’m not a fan of Trump either. But then I remind myself that his words and mannerisms are right out there for all to see.. He is truly a t”transparent” candidate. I’m sure there are many in Congress who share these same traits but keep them well-hidden. So what I do is pray for God to surround whomever becomes our president with Godly people who give him Godly advice.

    People are mad with the present government and they are voting on that basis. II agree with Alexie. We will get what the majority of people want. So our prayers are imperative.

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  3. Many countries including Muslims ones end up with the leaders they deserve.The US may have fallen enough to put someone like Trump in power.


  4. I think we should be careful what we pray for. If our prayers keep this clown out, that could result in Ted Cruz being the next president. He is no clown but a serious, sane, strong hard liner. I can’t think of a more dangerous choice.


  5. Will God bring tyrants down? Of course, but He works through agents. If you want to be part of His work, you might just need to volunteer. “Here am I, Lord, send me.”


    • I read this yesterday Strewth,

      And it really spoke to me:

      “Acts says that Moses was educated in all the learning of the Egyptians, “… a man of power in words and deeds” (Acts 7:22). Yet when God called him, Moses resists, complaining that he’s afflicted with a slow tongue and “never been eloquent” (Ex 4:10).

      Perhaps Moses just started stuttering when God said, “I’m sending you back to Egypt”? Or is it possible that the Lord quietly gave Moses his stammer during his 40 years in the desert — lest Moses feel he was chosen for his skill as an orator.

      For thos who say, I’m too young or old or uneducated to be used by God, I say that excuse is your version of Moses’ stutter. You see, God does not need you to be eloquent, just obedient.”

      Francis Frangipane


  6. If Trump gets close to the presidency or gets in he will need to get in line with the powers behind the scenes, be ousted or worse meet a fate like President Kennedy.

    In the 70’s the US and Saudi’s got together. The Saudi’s controlled the oil and made it in line with the US Dollar. The US promised to protect the Saudi’s and the oil ports and sea lanes.

    This is why, in part, the US went into Kuwait, Iraq and has placed pressure on Iran. As soon as Iran was given some space the Saudi government quickly dropped oil prices to keep Iran out. They also wanted to slow the progress of the Canadian tar oil deposits. This oil now has the technology to get it out and make a profit. Until the oil prices drop that is.

    Trump indeed threatens this.

    To complicate things, the goal to unit the North American continent and become the next EU is getting closer. The Amero will become the new currency. For this to happen many have stated, such as the Council for Foreign Relations, for this to happen the US must undergo collapse in the dollar, debt, property collapse and immigration. This has all occurred.


    • China

      In certain years the Chinese buy half the worlds concrete.
      They have leased our Darwin port.
      They lease American Ports.
      They have pushed out in the South China Sea.
      They are building in Africa.
      Building huge tanks to save oil reserves.

      The electronics and some of the companies that built the road from Mexico through to Canada have been Chinese. This is part of the future Amero dollar and creating a new North American State.

      Recently the Chinese stated that Trump was a big mouth.
      He threatens the powers that be.

      The time looms closer!


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