Behind the death of David Bowie


A thoughtful and interesting take on all those tributes for the Starman.

So those who were happily singing “Imagine there’s no heaven” a few months ago are now telling everyone that David Bowie is in this heaven that they imagine does not exist? And those who want to say something nice and believe that everyone goes to heaven, think that Bowie is up there along with Lemmy, Hendrix and of course Stalin, Hitler and Jack the Ripper. That is, after all, the logic of their position. And again I have not looked, but I am sure that in the bloggersphere somewhere, there are some ‘Christians’ who are taking the opportunity to tell everyone he is in hell and how as a bisexual rock star drug addict he is a warning to us all. And there will be those who are writing about how he was converted on his deathbed and they can tell this because of a) something Bowie said, b) a dream they had or c) a very reliable source, a friend of a friend, who is ‘in the know’.

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3 thoughts on “Behind the death of David Bowie

  1. I was not a Bowie fan but my daughter was. The article is a voice that, to my ears, echoes with a frustration stemming from seeing a belief in God far broader than statistics show. So many know there’s something bigger going on in life than the humdrum, but are unable to articulate or even acknowledge inwardly.

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  2. When I came to the retirement village where I live now, I felt as though I’d come to heaven. Naturally, imperfections in self and others soon became obvious, but still my main feeling was and is one of happiness and gratitude. But not everyone is happy here. I think some regard it as hell.

    What a tragedy if we reach Heaven and don’t realise it, if our own perceptions remove us from it.

    We can’t generalise, saying we make our own heaven or hell. Circumstances can be different and beyond our imagination. We can’t tell what lies beyond this life for ourselves or for another, we only know it will be right, and for our benefit, as individual and precious children of God.


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