The anger game

Anybody can become angry.

But, as Aristotle said, to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right reason, and in the right way is not that easy.

Experiments by psychologists indicate we typically have a well-developed sense of fairness and often co-operate with others rather than competing with them — until repressed anger gets in the way.

We sometimes desperately crave revenge against those who have offended us, and live as prisoners of our pain, obsessed with getting even.

We all choose to get angry and no matter what happens in our lives, no one else is to blame for our anger.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius asked: “How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it?”

Using hatred against hatred is a nonsense. But if we use compassion to embrace those who have harmed us, it can diffuse the bomb in our hearts and in theirs.

Sometimes, when we allow grace to work, we forgive our tormentors and our hearts are freed to move beyond their hardened boundaries.

We are able to walk in the shoes of the other person.

Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh, once nominated for a Nobel Peace prize, was asked what he would say if he could have spoken  to Osama Bin Laden.

The monk said the first thing he would do was to listen.

“I would try to understand why he had acted in that cruel way,” he said.

“I would try to understand all of the suffering that had led him to violence. It might not be easy to listen in that way, so I would have to remain calm and lucid.”

The monk said he would consider bin Laden’s words and then respond gently, but firmly in such a way to help bin Laden discover his “misunderstandings” about violence.

The ancient sages knew what they were doing when they ranked anger among the seven deadly sins and urged people to beware the temptation. Anger blocks blessings.

Without forgiveness and understanding, there is no hope and no future. Our destinies are, in fact, lost in our anger.


29 thoughts on “The anger game

    • Like most of your comments Phillip, this makes absolutely no sense. Is it because Bryan’s censored most of it that it just reads as the garbled ravings of an attention seeker, or is this how you normally communicate your thoughts? Why bother here Phillip, unless of course it’s all about you getting a perverse thrill from annoying people?


  1. The planet was populated in waves.
    Asia 80,000 plus years.
    Europe 80,000 years
    Americas say 10,000 years.
    Australia 40,000 years.
    Africa they just moved around to cover the continent then basically stayed put 500,000 years.

    You can take a Australian aborigine couple and place them within any population on the planet.
    Their children will within that society.
    With a separation between those humans of at least 80,000 years.
    What conclusion would be arrived at ?
    Homo Sapiens have remanded the same for more than 80,000 years.

    So Bryan quoting some long dead Greece or anyone since proves that nothing has changed i the past 3,000 years.
    But nothing changed 77,000 years prior to them .
    “””PERSPECTIVE”” Bryan


      • Way to short in the history of HOMO SAPIANS.
        Just think about those who lived thirty thousand years ago or even further back sixty thousand years.
        Somehow those back that far are thought of as not yet human.
        As if they did not quite make the mark.
        But have you seen how dumb some are today.
        Seriously there are some chimpanzees smarter than some people walking the streets.
        If Homo Sapiens are evolving humans must be going backwards .
        Let,s blame WORKSAFE for protecting the idiots so they can have children .


    • Perspective .
      William Shakespeare penned his works four hundred years ago.
      The works carry as much meaning today as the days there where penned.
      Evidence human behavior has stayed unchanged over four hundred years .
      But that man William Shakespeare did not invent that human behavior he just put it to paper.
      That human behavior has been going on before Homo Sapiens even left Africa at least 100,000 years ago.
      So go on Bryan pretend that entity is guiding humans and Homo Sapiens are in it,s image.
      But the evidence infers Homo Sapiens are stagnant.

      Crushing Bones without the bias to make humans look good.


    • Bryan :-
      You don’t really like yourself do you CB?
      So my reply was not to your liking.
      A difference between myself and most others is I look at things without rose glasses on.
      And from as many angles as I can think of.
      One I came up with was to look at people while their talking to me and imagine movements of the bones and tissue making it possible for them to talk and that their brain is actually facing the other way.
      A very interesting perspective when you flip it around upon oneself giving a answer back to the person .
      Is that too much detail Bryan ??


  2. But surely anger is justifiable in some circumstances? Particularly on behalf of others – where there is self interest it becomes more contentious. Anger motivates us to do something about injustice.

    The danger comes from going off half cocked, when we allow anger to be followed by aggression, which seldom solves anything. Sleeping on it can bring help. Overnight the brain works unconsciously, and you can wake up with a constructive plan of action. Sometimes it takes longer to work out how to act without being destructive.

    We can always ask for help in seeking a constructive solution, too. We can pray.


  3. What is your direct answer to this question:-
    If you could get into a time machine and travel only once to any time .
    Only look at that time .
    And be completely safe.
    and return.
    What time would you chose to go to and look at ?


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