A vision of the future painted in 1930

a visioniof the future painted in 1930

Above is a vision for the future painted in 1930.

These days, half the world seems to be semi-permanently connected to Facebook and iPhones and many walk the streets adrift in their little worlds of playlists, shuffled songs and noisy desperation.

Today’s digital technology is unparalleled in history as a means of communicating with others and as a means of sharing information.

It is ironic that many find themselves increasingly isolated from the presence of other people.

23 thoughts on “A vision of the future painted in 1930

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  2. Interesting that they did not predict that people would not dress conservatively as they did in the 30s. They also did not predict the health issues with smoking. Fairly good with the communication technology. No flying cars yet.


    • a woman wearing pants isn’t even remotely conservative.

      you won’t get the irony but a Victorian nude oil on canvass is conservative.

      ………….. what the heck, Should Australia only support Sunni Immigration Dom and discriminate against Shia Islam? Taqiyya Dom, what’s the straight answer from honest Dom in the open dialogue box?

      Is Jabar’s Allah, like your’s? How can you promote more diversity Dom? By insisting one Shia for every Sunni mosque be built?


      • rib tickler, wink, wink. You are a card, life of the party. And inclusive. Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge. [thanks be to allah PBUH you aren’t a WASP]


      • I appologise for Phillip George, Dom.

        He truly is an embarrassment. A professing Christian ought not be treating you with such contempt. It’s continual! So sorry Dom. And what for? Does he think God will reward him?


      • It’s just that…..how can you claim to love Jesus so much and yet come across as such a bully….a hater? He’s a modern day Crusader—a killer for Christianity!


  3. it’s true, I don’t know how to be relevant; not here. Pray the lord send me away Bryan. So i don’t feel the need to talk at you/


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