Happy birthday Sgt Pepper’s


ON this day, June 1, in 1967, the Beatles’ 40-minute masterpiece Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released.
Those 12 songs (with a reprise of the title track at the end) changed pop music forever.
The Beatles spent 129 days, 400 hours, recording this album.
it all started, according to Paul McCartney, over a conversation with road manager Mal Evans on a flight home to England. The topic was salt and pepper. It was misheard as Sgt. Pepper . And so the seed was planted of a fictitious band whose hope was that fans would all “like the show”.


6 thoughts on “Happy birthday Sgt Pepper’s

    • The lesson in the story then is people decided to stick with their mistake and still did o.k.; in a kind of making fun of themselves sort of way. A band writing songs/ making music about a band can have a little laugh at itself about miss-hearing something and still be a thoroughly modern success story.

      Pause to consider it though.

      Maybe the Beatles could have sold twice as many albums and stayed together longer if they had have named that Album: Salt and Pepper for Lonely Heart’s Clubs.

      When Jesus came the collective leadership had such a long established well taught thoroughly understood eschatology that they missed seeing the real deal. They missed the salt of the earth, and didn’t laugh about it down the “:long and winding road”

      100 percent of sincere Christians are expecting a major news story 7 years peace deal from a charismatic leader, and a rebuilt temple-mount temple . Well maybe 99 percent after this post.

      Well, I say again, they could be the Beatles trying to do Salt and Pepper for the unsalted lonely hearts but coming up with just a fictitious band to laugh at among themselves before it all went pear shaped, one murdered, one to cancer, one to an awful divorce and one still hanging in there with Children’s story narrations. Was it the legacy they wanted do you think, back in 1967?

      Did you miss hear?

      Salt and Pepper for ever.


  1. The Beatles lost me at “We are living in a Yellow Submarine”. Which was originally a nonsensical children’s song. Which was described as a litmus test for radical idiots by some sources.

    Speaking of misheard names, Eurovision Song Contest had Ann Sophie (misheard as Aunt Sophie). And a three year old tells me that Nicole Kidman has a daughter called “Sunday Roast”


      • I know; I hear it every time the retard down the road decides to smoke dope. In fact I can predict that he’s smoking dope when he starts screaming out loudly about yellow submarines.


      • Hmmm I take it he’s not one of “my brethren” either ?

        And yet, in context, it did seem like such a wide group.


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