Indian Children Imagine a World Without Religion

Many years ago, John Lennon asked us to imagine a world with no religion. Listen to what these Indian children in the video below have to say.


21 thoughts on “Indian Children Imagine a World Without Religion

  1. Well that’s a good summary of John Lennon, the Beatles, The Sixties, University campuses from Washington to Cambridge, The socialist left alliance, The ABC, The BBC, UNESCO, The WHO, The U.N., The World Bank, The WTO, Save the Children Foundation, Greenpeace, OXFAM, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, Every local government.

    How are they at delivering? Kicked any goals lately?

    And not to be allah, or the devil’s advocate [a tautololgy] but “Did God really say that?”

    Has He said, anything about Himself that you’d like to quote that isn’t full of wide eyed teary, adolescent feel good. How many of these children tease other children, bully, whinge, covet, envy, gossip, back stab when the cameras aren’t on them with a harmonic sound track in the back ground.

    Lord of the Flies, isn’t exactly an easy read. At a primary school near by some parents in a circle of acquaintances had to yank their child out of school, relocate, when he was knocked unconscious. Examination in E.D. revealed extensive scratch marks on the back. Didn’t make the newspapers – I think it should have. No doubt with a camera on them, the right prompting and sartorial encouragement, the little cherubs who KO’d their peer would have said, exactly the same fairly floss as above.
    keep it up, Utopia, is so close.


      • Have you had children bullied at their school? – by clean faced innocent young children full of high hopes an aspirations for a better tomorrow based on tolerance, acceptance, caring and sharing.
        Which school doesn’t have kids tick all those boxes and then turn around and bully a teenage girl to suicide?


      • well, they’re sinners who need Jesus – will you tell them?
        You could couch it in these terms.
        1. Your parents are human so you’ve started life with a massive handicap.
        2. Everything born is dying
        3. God gave one and only one exit to the matrix.
        4. This might be the only day left to make a choice.

        [have I left anything out?]


      • The word we use for love the English speaking world once called charity. Greeks used three words each with a variation on giving but all still expressions of giving.
        If you have heard the gospel, the feet of him who brought it to you are blessed.
        In your life time you will have seen, heard, felt, experienced no greater expression of charity than the one who brought it to you. It cost them.


      • “Which school doesn’t have kids tick all those boxes and then turn around and bully a teenage girl to suicide?”

        The vast majority.


      • Let him grumble Bryan. I think the realisation that the voice he listens to may be satan has hit a raw nerve.


      • America is issuing travel warnings for Melbourne re a possible terrorist type strike. Who is responsible is obvious, It’s unloving Amish, Quakers, SDA’s [giggle, giggle, nudge, nudge, nudge], I know Baptists and Anglicans,. Damned Christians failing to be diverse. Damned bigoted Christians who just won’t embrace the religion of peace.

        I’m the one, I admit it, I created ISIS. All because I wear a tin foil hat to bed. You’re right, It was me all along. I’ve been outed.


      • homophobia, was that Rick Wiles “real” false prophecy? the one to damn him for?

        It’s our phobia that has to be punished? bigoted florists and cake decorators. lynch those bigots, everyone blow their whistles hard.

        your secrets safe with me Bryan. It won’t change the map though,


      • The US consulate in Melbourne has issued its first security alert this century to American citizens in Victoria and beyond, saying a terrorist attack is likely…

        The consulate urges US citizens “to review your personal secu­rity plan, remain aware of your surroundings, including local events, and monitor local news stations for updates’’


      • “The US consulate in Melbourne……”

        Really and to think just a little while ago it was America. Can’t wait to see who it will be tomorrow


  2. i find most children do not bully. Bullying is either physical one off hiting or ongoing harrassment of some kind. Kids can be mean but most do not turn to bullying.


  3. Dear brother Bryan in Jesus, greetings to you pleased for all your blessed teachings regularly, thank you so much please pray for India we have much idolatry here and we are planting the gospel seeds in these idolatry regions and villages, brother I request you to come India to teach in our congregations and outreach please visit us, praying for you, please reply me. Your brother Evangelist Babu.


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