The final song

THIS is the song that Andrew Chan, Myu Sukumaran and the others who were executed a few days ago sang with loud voices before the gunshots rang out – although it wasn’t the miracle many of us prayed for, nonetheless it was a miraculous moment ….

Hearing this song today and knowing how powerful it must have been in those moments is deeply moving


7 thoughts on “The final song

  1. most wonderful song to be singing in those final moments here on earth. Can you imagine singing one minute here on earth and the next in heaven… How glorious would that be. May we be found so faithful!!


  2. Brian, wonderful posts this week about Andrew & Myuran. I sang loud and strong today to their last song you sent through. Thank you & Bless them.


  3. They must have really gained their faith! Very inspiring, given the circumstances. Great post, Bryan.


  4. Well done Brian, . I bet they are lovin ‘it where they are now. God bless their loved ones they must be so proud how they changed their life around in such miserable surroundings. Shows the love and mercy of God and how He sees us through the eyes of love. Keep up the good work.


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