Indonesian newspaper pleads for halt to executions

An editorial in the Jakarta Globe as two Australians and eight others await execution..

Do the Right Thing and Show Mercy, President Jokowi

A day that no rational, compassionate human being could ever wish for appears to be at hand: the day that 10 fellow human beings, nine of them foreign nationals, are gunned down in a hail of bullets because the Indonesian government wants to make a barbarous point.

The Attorney General’s Office, which seems to be taking an awful lot of pleasure in organizing the executions, has summoned officials from foreign embassies to the prison island of Nusakambangan on Saturday. The AGO is required to give the inmates 72 hours’ notice about their execution, so it appears that the killings — yes, killings; make no mistake, this is state-sanctioned murder — could take place as soon as Tuesday.

But the AGO has said it will carry out the executions once all the inmates’ appeals have been exhausted. And one of the 10, Indonesian Zainal Abidin, still has an appeal to be heard on Monday.

If, as appears likely, Zainal avoids the firing squad at the last minute, the government will have confirmed what everyone already suspects: that the executions are a stunt — bloody and grotesque — to impress upon the rest of the world the Indonesian government’s disturbingly nationalist bent.

Why persist with a practice as savage as the death penalty when much of the world cries out against it? What can Indonesia gain from this?

It is in the president’s power to end this shameful travesty and grant these individuals clemency. So it is to President Joko Widodo that we beseech mercy for Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso; for Serge Areski Atlaoui; for Myuran Sukumaran; for Andrew Chan; for Rodrigo Gularte; for Raheem Agbaje Salami; for Martin Anderson; for Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise; for Okwudili Oyatanze; and for Zainal Abidin.

We stand for mercy, Mr. President. Will you stand with us?


42 thoughts on “Indonesian newspaper pleads for halt to executions

  1. What about justice for those who become addicted to drugs through having their drinks spiked?

    What about justice for little girls like Chloe Valentine, whose mom was too drug addled to be able to give her the care she needed?

    What about the little children that are born addicted to drugs, because the said drugs are available?

    Once again the innocent are treated like garbage whilst the guilty are being given all the sympathy.

    As Dracula said, whilst dragging traitors from the church “they should have repented before, not after” (paraphrase mine, see Youtube’s Vlad Tepes – English subtitles).


    • I don’t believe the innocent are treated like garbage That’s not the point. The point is, these things have happened, we can’t undo them. Then to do the best for survivors. Look at why people are taking drugs and dying or rendering themselves unfit for society – find the cause and cure that. Look at why people, particularly the young, get caught up in drug running, and address that. Look at what can be done to rehabilitate victims/perpetrators (for perpetrators are often unrecognised victims too.)

      The death sentence does none of this.


      • The death sentence prevents them re-offending.
        Here’s a woman executed for being an infidel in an arguably secular society. I can’t believe there is so little on her in the Western Media. Anyway, allah hu akbar, she won’t be able to walk around with her hair uncovered again. You see, the death sentence does do something. Using nothing but logic Jihad makes it’s point known.

        I’m beginning to think civilization needs a death sentence – to save lives!


      • Except it sends a message to every wannabe drug dealer that s/he can continue in being part of the drug trade as long as they don’t get caught. And even if they get caught, they can expect a free holiday in jail, painting or doing macramé or whatever they get to do in jail whilst waiting for the parole.

        And in some jails, they still get access to drugs, by other kind of smugglers, extinguishing any hope of rehabilitation.

        Those two should have repented of their drug smuggling before, not after they got caught. It’s not as if Indonesia and countries like it don’t warn you about the consequences before you decide to take the risk.


      • Let’s talk about this “Eye for an eye” retribution. I can understand this as the belief that justice is being served in Islamic countries, but not so for western countries like America, which has a Christian heritage. Yes, it is barbaric, but more so, I feel, for the Christian nations.


      • The Australians have put in a request for the spiritual advisers who will be alone with them in their final hours before death.
        Sukumaran has asked long-time friend and supporter Christie Buckingham, a senior pastor from Melbourne’s Bayside Church, who has been visiting both men for years. Christie is an amazing woman and I’d ask you to pray for her at this difficult time.
        Chan has nominated Salvation Army minister and family friend David Soper. He also needs our prayers.
        They also have the harrowing role of bearing witness at their executions.


      • At Midnight Mon, God could send an earthquake to open the prison doors and an angel escort them from the building. He, God, has released prisoners before in such a way.
        I trust these men will dine with Jesus in Paradise. The loss is the end of their witness on earth perhaps?
        Jesus fulfilled the law, he didn’t do away with it.

        So many killers in Australia and elsewhere have killed again on parole. What do we do with the ‘child torturer rapist killer’? [these are the very obvious and often repeated arguments in support of what’s here described as barbarism]

        Once upon a time, with each execution in very Christian nations, the minister would pray God have mercy on those being executed. This is an acknowledgement that the justice here on earth at the hands of man is not God’s final great white throne judgement.

        If we can do away with the “thou shalt not suffer a murder to live”/ ten commandments admonitions then what else are you doing away with, Mon, I say this in all seriousness. The Execution of God’s Grace on Earth/ the doing justice and loving mercy, is not the same as doing away with any of the Law.

        Mercy and Justice are not incompatibilities.


      • just a footnote: if these men hadn’t been caught they may not have found salvation, the actual path to God. Losing their lives to live forever isn’t a big cost.


      • wrong, because under Mosaic/ biblical jurisprudence its disproportionate to the crime. One more reason any Christian Nation is superior in practice [on paper]


      • It appears that the Indonesian Government has forbidden Pastors Christie and David from being with Andrew and Myuran this afternoons and right up until the end. That’s yet another low blow.


      • “So many killers in Australia and elsewhere have killed again on parole.”

        Exactly how many ?


      • “At Midnight Mon, God could send an earthquake to open the prison doors and an angel escort them from the building. He, God, has released prisoners before in such a way.”

        Agreed, but this time He chose instead to give His beloved condemned His peace, and for them to be used as potent witnesses of divine grace and Christ’s overcoming power in the midst of a false, antichrist, Christian-mocking Islamic stronghold……and He answered my prayers. Yours too?

        Philippians 4

        1…… stand fast in the Lord, beloved. 4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! 5 ………The Lord is at hand.
        6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

        “‘They had a smile on their face and they had a look of happiness’: Indonesian undertaker says Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were at peace when they were shot. ‘I think the reason why they were happy was because the pastor blessed them and brought them peace before their deaths.'”……. Daily Mail Online

        Yep, God answers prayer all right!

        All hail King Jesus
        All hail Emmanuel
        King of Kings
        Lord of Lords
        Bright Morning Star
        And throughout eternity
        We’ll sing Your Praises
        And we’ll reign with You throughout eternity.


    • “What about justice for those who become addicted to drugs through having their drinks spiked?”

      You know apart from the girl in “Go ask Alice” I doubt this has ever happened.

      “…a free holiday in jail…”

      If your holiday’s are comparable to an Indonesian jail then might I suggest you change your travel agent.


      • PhillipGeorge(c)2015 on April 27, 2015 at 19:24 said
        “just a footnote: if these men hadn’t been caught they may not have found salvation, the actual path to God. Losing their lives to live forever isn’t a big cost.”

        As reformed men they have been doing much to turn around the lives of other prisoners. It would be a good thing if they lived to continue that work.


  2. “Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will be executed just after the stroke of midnight on Wednesday (3am AEST), it has been confirmed.

    The date – April 29 – became official when a local funeral director in Cilacap, the nearest port to Nusakambangan, or Death Island, was instructed to inscribe the names of those to be shot by firing squad and the date of their deaths”……….. Daily Mail Online

    The outcome is horrible, but they knew the risks.


    • The young can feel invincible. “I’m too smart to be caught.” Others receiving a death sentence doesn’t apply to them.

      Those who really are smart, know better. So such criminals as these are only half smart, and the half foolish part often includes a lack of awareness, of sympathy for others, of sensitivity. They think their victims should look after themselves.

      Or sometimes there’s an ignorance, a denial that what they’re doing is really harmful.

      When they wake up, mature, they really are different people.


  3. At the risk of having certain people heckle me, I don’t understand how two convicted death peddlers get so much mercy from Australians but the plight of the innocent get no attention.


    • Who are the innocent, Dom?

      If you mean the people who CHOOSE to get high on the drugs that are smuggled into our country, well then they certainly are not innocent. There’s are market for illicit drug consumption here and the drug pedlars seize the opportunity to make money. No one forces them to take drugs!


      • I dunno about innocent but there would have to be huge doubts over the mental capacity of Rodrigo Gularte as well as doubts over the guilt of Mary Jane Veloso


      • Quite right Dom,
        If only this woman looked more Muslim she’d still be alive today.

        and you are right, If only Shiites laid down their weapons and allowed Turkey, ISIS and Al Qaeda to overrun Syria there would simply be a one off blood bath and then a nice peaceful Caliphate. House of Peace with allah hu akbar righteous muslims running the legal system.

        Ps. Andrew Chan is a convert to Christianity and Indonesia is a Muslim dominated nation so this does have a religious by line. Why would an Islamic related legal system want to extend mercy to Christians?


      • It will be nice when our brothers in the house of Saud bring peace, I mean stamp peace, in Yemen as well,; allah hu akbar. Praise be to Saud’s airforce even – without drones.


      • Take what is given freely, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the ignorant.
        Quran 7:199


    • So you’ve shifted the blame from the media to us now, Dom?

      Sometimes I feel you can be very unfair and judgmental when you make sweeping statements like that.


    • It’s the media, Don, who put the spotlight where they decide. My Facebook friends do what they can to bring these things to attention, and you might be surprised how much support there is.

      Also, I was pleased to see the plea above for the co-sentenced. They were not part of the ‘Bali Nine’, and some of their crimes were comparatively minor. I know the Australian government can only plead for Australian nationals, but where are the civil petitions for these others?


      • I hear you Strewth

        I wonder how many knew that there were eight people being executed.

        One person was reprieved because she is a witness to another crime. We’ll see if the the media try to shape public opinion on that..


      • “It’s the media, Don, who put the spotlight where they decide”

        Maybe the mainstream media is dependant on revenue, which is derived from advertising which is dependant on ratings.


      • That’s quite true Bubba. But nations without free media are most often dictatorships. Not excusing the mainstream because I know it makes massive mistakes but still… media, with its ability to spread misinformation is probably the biggest worry. As someone said we live in an age where there is a firehose of information, unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities


      • If you think the media needs to provide the truth to get its revenue then you would be sadly mistaken.

        A series on disinformation campaigns. Back then it was the communist terrorists.

        Shaping people’s opinions. Leading the feeble minded by the nose.


      • Good point Bryan. The media does do some really good stuff.

        Concerning Watergate, it was interesting that a third-rate burglary ended up on the front pages and turned Watergate into a major media event. If I had time I would try to dig up whether Nixon had any run ins with the CIA. Nixon aide Bruce Herschenson did say that the Watergate plot was deliberately sabotaged “by a non-elected coalition of power groups but then you would expect him to say something in Nixon’s defense.

        Concerning Indonesia, it would seem that Widodo does not have the power base his predecessors have so he is concentrating on shoring up local support at the expense of international ties. This may have displeased some influential people overseas and Widodo is now being punished for that. They may well be looking to get rid of him via the media.


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