Song for someone

This is a song for someone on this blog. I pray the spirit gets on through.


8 thoughts on “Song for someone

    • That’s b… sh.. Jason.

      I know Bryan and he’s not like that. He’s one of the most loving persons I know, and you can be sure that he would not have done this unless he was led by the Spirit of God to do so…..and he was! It’s a beautiful song (prayer) which reflects God’s heart for those of us who are alienated from Him and is perfect for here and now.


      • Monica, I was referring to the opening speech of the woman in the video. When I attended church, the pastor did the same sort of thing at the end of every sermon. I know they think they are doing a good thing, but it is a peer pressure tactic nonetheless.


      • I don’t think it’s forceful Jason. Just inviting….an invitation worth considering.

        I think these words are profound.

        Nothing you can do
        Could make Him love you more
        And nothing that you’ve done
        Could make Him close the door


      • That women made false assumption. These verses state that there are certain sinners that God hates.

        Psalm 5:5; Lev. 20:23; Prov. 6:16-19; Hos. 9:15

        If you are not helpless or needy or think you are not anyway; then don’t bum around thinking God will save you just before the end and don’t cruise through life thinking you got the keys to heaven jingling in your back pocket. It is stately clearly you need to get through the narrow gate that not many will get through. You may well find yourself turned away by Jesus pbuh who will tell you to get away from him, you thought you knew him but you never knew him.


    • Did you ” try a puff” Jason,

      And if so, what happened to make you so anti-Pentecostal, or Christian…..not sure which one?


      • No Monica, fortunately for me when faced with pressure tactics I tend to feel quite uncomfortable and my skepticism kicks in in wondering why the other party feels the need to utilize such tactics.


      • I think they mostly do that when asking for money, and I too get quite annoyed, but as for the ‘invitation’, well I guess it depends on whether they are running on auto pilot and just doing that because they’ve always done that and it is what’s expected. The difference would be, of course, is if they are truly in tune with the Father’s heart and being obedient to His leading. The proof is in how many come forward for prayer afterwards. No one is making them do that. No one could ever make me do that! I go forward when I feel the Lord is calling me, and even though it may seem like pressure tactics to some, you can be sure that for many others it isn’t.

        As I have said before, if you’re on the outside looking in, you don’t always see the full picture. Anyway, thanks for the response Jason.


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