Bach to the future.


NEXT tuesday is the 330th birthday of J.S. Bach.

Musicians around the world this month are giving listeners the gift of music with free performances in public spaces – including subways – of some the Bach’s greatest works.

Johann Sebastian Bach is considered one of the greatest and most prolific composers of all time. He crosses the barriers.

He had 20 children. spent a month in prison for angering a boss – and composed “Book One” of the “Well-Tempered Clavier” while there. At the age of 14, Bach received a scholarship to the famous St. Michael’s school in Luneburg near Hamburg, Germany. He reportedly walked the more than 175 miles from his home to the school.

A new music video dubbed “I Want You Back/Bach” shows The Piano Guys performing a mashup of Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and several pieces composed by Johann Sebastian Bach

31 thoughts on “Bach to the future.

  1. If you play Bach, Mozart or any one of these other Baroque Music composers, on different types of electric guitars you end up with a type of music that leaves the entire Rock Music genre in the dust. Including a lot of heavy metal music.

    Not only leaves rock music in the dust, but the quality of sound is uplifting rather than degrading as much of the rock music is.


    • Just for once, davinci,
      I sincerely and wholeheartedly agree with you.
      Rian. (conservative and old fashioned in my musical tastes)


      • I dont know,
        I was all prepared to add some important information to the conversation, but I just had a bad accident while Chopin. For a time they thought I might even have to have my Rachmaninoff (ouch), but I am now well enough to take my Mendelson and it should not be Verdi long before I am Bach with you all.

        Just for the record all of these jokes were included in a series of comic radio programme spoofs that came out in the middle forties. I still have old 78s of them. They came out with the titles of Here’s Hooey. Here’s Hooey two. and Television can be Fun. I think they appeared under the name of Ward Leopold, whoever he was. Because they poked fun at the programmes and commercials that were broadcast on the Commercial Stations, those same stations banned them from broadcast. But the ABC did play them to everyone’s delight. I rather expect that no-one here would remember them.


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