Happy birthday George Harrison

George Harrison would have been 72 today,

Harrison once said his biggest break in life was getting into the Beatles, and that his second biggest break was getting out.

Meanwhile in news today, the George Harrison memorial tree in Los Angeles, ironically killed by beetles, is to be replaced .

in George’s honour we bring you this…Here Comes The Moon (one of his lesser known but beautiful songs)


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday George Harrison

  1. Here comes the moon. Did you know the distance the moon travels in 10 years is ……. uh … what ….. oh I already did that.


      • Ok Dabbles. You didn’t bother to answer my post of yesterday when you were arguing with Mel about who was the most generous.

        I said: Put it where your big mouth is. Tell us all which charities and how much money you have contributed to people via charities in the PAST 12 months. Dare ya

        You, of course, ignored the challenge.


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