Happy Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S Day yet again. A time for exchanging tacky chocolate hearts, trinkets, mushy cards and flowers and dinner where we all pretend to ignore the over-priced set menus.

You might not be able to put a price tag on love, but you sure can on all the accessories.

The subversive truth is that love can be everything it’s cracked up to be.

Where there is great love, there is always the possibility for great miracles to occur in our lives.

So let’s celebrate this one day but know there’s much more to love than Cupid, Eros, heart-shaped balloons and chocolate.

And a word of advice – turn off the Iphones and pay attention to your loved ones. That’s what they really want.

And just for fun here are 20 love songs in strange new styles


31 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

    • hehehehehehehehehee:- “You might not be able to put a price tag on love,”
      You REALLY need to get out more kiddo! (Have you tried haggling??) 😆
      …unless you’re talking about the furry four-footed free kind of course. 😉


  1. Flippin heck is there one “holiday” anywhere that some Christian or other WON’T grinch-out on ? 🙂

    It’s simple buy your SO some flowers / chocolates / gift / card or don’t whatever works for the two of you. No need to go on about it 😉


    • Not only Christians Bubba Ray. I watched with amusement a number of couples who went to see “50 Shades of Grey” saying that it was the worst Valentine’s Day they had ever had; that they can never recover the time lost this Valentines Day, blah, blah, blah!

      It is interesting that the film which was released as some type of Valentines Day “love” managed to disgust so many non-Christian couples.

      I went and watched that Stephen Hawking movie instead. That showed the true spirit of Valentines Day.


      • “managed to disgust so many non-Christian couples.”

        How do you know that they were non-Christian? Did you survey people as they left the cinema ?


      • I reckon The Story of O puts ’em both in the shade.I never got a copy back that I lent to a woman.
        It’s interesting, though easily the most erotic literature is written by females.
        Perhaps the ‘romantic’ factor.


    • Were you this miserable before you converted to Islam, Dom?

      Florists have to make a living too, you know. Actually, I think it must be getting harder for them these days to make some money, now that flowers are readily available from Supermarkets. I know of four local florists that have closed down in recent years, which only leaves us with one.

      I bought a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day. No, not for me, for a friend who was celebrating her birthday—another wonderful western tradition and reason to celebrate.


      • Okay Dom,

        Apologies. I don’t blame you. Greed certainly rules and unfortunately, I think it’s here to stay.


      • Well don’t buy anything, problem solved.

        But I don’t see why your miserable attitude should stop others.


      • Right you have a strongly anti-commercialism viewpoint

        BUT at the same time don’t want people to stop buying stuff.

        If that ludicrous contradiction is correct why bother with the winge then??


      • And as I said “If that ludicrous contradiction is correct why bother with the winge then??”


      • But isn’t that commercial at the very root of religion?
        You know selling you all sorts of goodies, like eternal life (among others) for the price of one measly second-hand soul……..which wasn’t really yours anyway.


      • Ahh so it was a pointless winge then. Well done, I can’t think of anything that the internet could possible need more.


    • Get your Afghan muslim brothers to buy more flowers, Dom. No matter what horrible circumstances they live through in Afghanistan, they always seem to wear flowers over there.

      Yet they come over here and the practice stops. Why?


  2. I wasn’t aware until I found in Wikepedia that there were at least eleven saints named Valentine. Three could be associated with his ‘Day’, and two of those might just be different reports about one individual. He married couples either because they were Christian and therefore persecuted, or because marriage of a young man saved him from conscription in the army.


    • I see. But couldn’t marrying more than one couple be seen as bigamy?
      …or, rather, Trigamy?
      Could this be where the idea of the trinity came from?


      • lol
        Marrying is done by an official, in this case a clergyman. The couples don’t marry each other (despite the common usage of the term), they get married, become married, or a similar term. They participate in the marriage ceremony, not perform it.

        But of course you already knew that didn’t you?


      • I’m getting confused, actually……
        Wouldn’t marrying couples to other couples actually create a quadrimany?
        Not a trigamy; that could only happen if Valentine himself got married to more than one couple.
        ….which is what I thought you meant, given the general kinkiness of religious figures.
        Sigh….the smarter I get the less I know.


      • Hey Strewth,
        I dont think you are quite right there. As I understand it, it IS the couple who do the marrying. while the officient just supervises and makes the official pronouncement.

        Rian (who has performed a number of marriages from both sides)


      • The smarter you get the less you know could be spot on, from two angles. I had to think about that!

        Not quite the same, but I reckon the more we know the more aware we are of how little we know!


      • Could be Strewth, but I tend to put that down to encroaching senility!
        The upside is that I no longer remember what I knew and now don’t.
        …or is that the other way around…..
        Monica might know! 🙂


      • Rian, I guess I’m just being pedantic. Pedantically, a married couple, married by the officiant, entered into a marriage contract. They were married. But I don’t like pedantry anyway, and today’s usage would agree with you.


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