And the deaf shall hear…….

THIS young woman lost her hearing and speech after contracting malaria and then being taken to witchdoctors as a little girl. In July of 2014, after suffering for 16 years, she attended a Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade in Bujumbura, Burundi. During the worship she noticed a change beginning to take place. In that meeting she was delivered and healed. This is her story.


5 thoughts on “And the deaf shall hear…….

  1. Praise God, He is wonderful!

    On my recent trip to Sydney I sat next to a guy on the plane. Whereas most pretend you don’t exist on flights, this guy was very chatty, so much so that we talked for the whole flight. OMG, I didn’t even get a chance to turn my ‘state-of-the-art entertainment system’ on! That’s four hours of non-stop talking!

    But the most remarkable thing happened, as he poured out his heart, telling me his sad life story; his fears and longings, I was able to tell him about the God of Love, and I even got to pray for and with him without any fear on my part. That was a miracle in itself…..and a first! Usually fear stops me from witnessing but not this time. It was amazing and especially considering that I was on my own and that he was an agnostic.

    Anyway, as he was talking, he suddenly had this look of amazement on his face. He looked startled and was asking, “What’s just happened?” “What’s this I’m feeling?” “Can you tell me why I feel so different?” Well I didn’t know! I was actually starting to get a bit worried by his reaction. And then it dawned on him what had happened. He almost shouted out, “My anxiety has gone!” Well, even though I knew he needed to be set free, I didn’t know that he had anxiety issues, but the Lord obviously did.

    He said, “This must be peace I am feeling—I’ve never felt this before.” And he had the biggest smile on his face—-and so did I, praise God! Even though I was exhausted after listening to him for four hours, I would have to say that was the best flight I’ve ever experienced…..God is Awesome!


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  3. Perhaps in the next rewriting of the bible christians ought to be required to do a pilgrimage to the ‘Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade in Bujumbura, Burundi.’ in the same way moslems are required to do the Mecca thing?
    ………..In my experience a large percentage of them (christians) can’t hear anything that doesn’t suit them 😆


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