Thousand in Egypt loudly proclaim peace

THE more they are persecuted, the stronger they grow.
Thousands of Christians proclaim Christ and peace in Cairo, Egypt.


8 thoughts on “Thousand in Egypt loudly proclaim peace

    • So great to hear that the Mum and two babies are fine now. The last I heard was that they were in a critial condition. Thanks for sharing this Paddy. Yes, would love to help out.


  1. Worth watching (especially if you have watched the movie, ‘Black Hawk Down’ which is based the events of a 1993 raid in Mogadishu by the U.S. military aimed at capturing faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid and the ensuing battle).


    • Concerning the movie Black Hawk Down

      In Black Hawk Down, Ewan McGregor plays the character of Ranger John Grimes as a clean-cut everyman hero. That trouble is that Grimes is merely Ranger John “Stebby” Stebbins in disguise. In June 2000 Stebbins was court-marshalled and later found guilty of assault and rape of a girl under the age of 12.

      Mark Bowden, who wrote the Black Hawk Down book and screenplay, this week told the New York Post that he was pressurised by the Pentagon to change Stebbins’s name in order to avoid controversy. Bowden refused to do so in the book, but eventually capitulated when writing the screenplay.

      Stebbins’s ex-wife, for one, is angered by the changes. In a letter to the New York Post, Nora Stebbins wrote that: “[producers] are going to make millions off this film, in which my ex-husband is portrayed as an all-American hero, when the truth is he is not.”


      • I never watched the movie Dom. I’m the wrong gender to enjoy watching something like that. 😉

        But this guy, Major Jeff Struecker was actually there at the real battle and survived to tell the tale of what really happened. He witnesses about how as a child, up until he gave his life over to the lordship of Jesus Christ at the age of 18, was always terrified of death, and of how he faced his imminent death in Mogadishu through the strength of Jesus Christ, and how that experience changed his life forever.

        Hubby asked me to watch it yesterday. This guy ‘shines’. Christians will understand what that means and be blessed by his story, I’m sure.


  2. That’s interesting:- “THE more they are persecuted, the stronger they grow.”
    Obviously more persecution is called for to enable the the strengthening of christianity. 😆


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