The sin of selfies

Felix Siauw, an Indonesian author and speaker and Muslim cleric, believes selfies are a sin and recently posted on his Twitter account a “17-pont manifesto” about how selfies are a sinful act for believers. Especially to blame? Why women, of course, who “put too much emphasis on their selfies.”

According to Quartz’s Lily Kuo, the Indonesian Muslim cleric argued that taking a selfie often means succumbing to pride, arrogance, and ostentation — all of which make them a sin under Islam.”.

One of the points on Siauw’s Twitter also specifically blamed women for this issue. According to a translation from news website Coconuts Jakarta, Siauw said women put too much emphasis on their selfies, which makes both selfies and women impure.

But Siauw isn’t the first religious believer to denounce the selfie. Arab News reported last year that scholars felt the selfies Muslims took on their journey to Mecca were inappropriate. And Emmilie Buchanan-Whitlock of Deseret News National reported that some scholars and experts also see selfies as a new way for people to worship a false idol (themselves), which would also make selfies a sin.

There has been some backlash to Siauw’s declaration, however. Social media users have been posting selfies and tweets with the hashtag #selfie4siauw to show that they support selfies and don’t see them as a sin.


One thought on “The sin of selfies

  1. Self portraits have been around for years. Why mention all this Islamic ignorance? Indian Muslim children are forced to marry dogs because their parents believe she has a curse, and the dog will rid her of it.

    I could go on and on, but it just becomes boring… what’s the point? Other than to ridicule Islam?
    I’m not implying you’re ridiculing Islam, they seem to be doing a good job of that all by themselves.

    And we all know what happens when we do that ….


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