The most generous country in the world is…

The U.S. and Myanmar tied for first place for the country that gave the most last year, according to the 2014 World Giving Index. And just five countries that made it to the top 20 are members of the G20 — the world’s largest economies — according to the report, .released Tuesday by Charitable Aid Foundation America (CAF).

To get a well-rounded perspective on people’s giving patterns, respondents were asked if they donated money, volunteered with an organization or helped a stranger in the past month and the answers were averaged to determine a final score. The report was based on Gallup data collected across 135 countries.
The U.S. was the only country to be ranked in the top 10 for all three giving criteria and saw monetary donations increase by 6 percent last year.

Globally, more people are volunteering their time and helping strangers, but there was a slight downtick in the proportion of people donating money. That decrease was likely tied to the fall in global GDP growth.

Mynamar, where 91 percent of the country donated money, climbed its way to No. 1 with its deeply-rooted charitable traditions. Charity or dana plays an integral role in the Theravada Buddhist community, which has about 500,000 monks there.

Several developing or lower-income countries — including Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago — ranked among the most charitable.

Australia was rated sixth.

Malaysia — which tied for seventh with the U.K. — saw a 26 percentage point increase in its giving score from last year. That jump was connected to the country’s commitment to helping its neighbor, the Philippines, after last year’s Typhoon Haiyan.

“The index shows high levels of generosity in countries facing turmoil — reflecting a pattern of giving in post-conflict nations as people help others through the most difficult of times,” John Low, chief executive of CAF, said in a statement. “And it shows people’s innate desire to help others, even in nations which do not have anything like the standard of living enjoyed in the West.”


2 thoughts on “The most generous country in the world is…

  1. I wonder how the statistics would look if the survey looked at state welfare organs such as Centrelink in Australia. Why is it that people migrate from those countries (like New Zealand and Myammar for example) to countries such as Australia and America instead of Myammar? Is it because Australia has a better more secure welfare safety net than Myammar?
    Come to think of it, why is it that our dole offices are full of New Zealanders and Pacific Islanders, when many statistics and surveys indicate that these areas are more generous than Australians?
    Something doesn’t add up with this survey.


  2. This survey was done by an organisation whose interest is to make people give more money to charity.

    Australia spends about 10% of its GDP on national health, and if you are sick you can expect to be treated for free. And asking people for a co-payment of $7 has raised such a high level of protest in Australia that the future of this co-payment is uncertain.

    Burma spends about 2% of its GDP on national health. Theoretically hospitalisation and treatment is free. In reality one has to pay to be treated properly in Burma. And Burma has come up for criticism time and time again for not doing more.

    Sure, Australia is not on the same scale of generosity as Burma. But remember we give more than enough to “charity” through our taxes. To the point where our good will is abused. One only has to listen to conversations that occur where “charities” dispense various goods and services. One complaint that comes up time and time again is that of parasites who take advantage of the good will of charities. These people who make such a complaint are ignored with no avenue of having their complaints redressed.

    Given the high abuse of welfare services in Australia and the Australian peoples’ ability to suffer in silence, I think we’ve given more than enough to charities.

    Given the fact that many migrants are supported with free welfare when they come over here; given that many become parasites on our welfare system; given that such posting as mine is likely to be deleted or censored because it does not fit the socialist narrative; I think we have more than earned our status to be at the top of the generosity scale.

    But as usual, people want more profit for less work.


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