Ex-atheist attempts to prove God

A US physics professor is working on a project that’s getting attention around the country – he’s trying to prove mathematically and through experimentation that God exists.

Professor Frank Tipler has studied the universe for decades – from the splendor of the earth to the wonder of the heavens above.

Tipler admits that when he started on the research, he was the ultimate doubter – an atheist.

Now though, he’s changed his tune.

“There is a God out there that created everything that is,” he said recently.

He considers it a scientific epiphany. When Tipler started, he studied the work of fame physicist and atheist Stephen Hawking but he said he realized that modern science actually harkened back to the work of the middle-ages theologians like St. Thomas Aquinas.

Tipler’s research is based on theory that if before everything there was nothing, then only a god could have brought into existence what had never existed before.

In other words, he said God is the Big Bang.

It’s a thought process that coincides with recent explanation by Pope Francis that there is no inconsistency in a belief in God and in the Big Bang theory.

But, Tipler didn’t just stop at saying that God exists, he took it a step further in the book “The Physics of Christianity.”

“I realized that the laws of physics gave me no choice but to be a Christian.

Tipler says experiments he’s currently conducting and documenting seek to prove the accepted singularity theory in physics is actually comprised of three singularities – a trinity.

Tipler explains: “God the Spirit” is the Big Bang, or the beginning of the universe; the end of the universe is explained by the well known Big Crunch theory, which Tipler calls “God the Father”; and a third singularity Tipler calls the “All Presence” is one he believes exists that connects the two. He calls it “God the son”.

Tipler says it could be years before his experiment is completed and, if proven, re-tested and confirmed by colleagues.


18 thoughts on “Ex-atheist attempts to prove God

  1. Is the Big Crunch even a widely accepted hypothesis? I doubt he’ll get much beyond laying a framework for these ideas. I applaud the effort though, even if it doesn’t conclude with his intended results, maybe such an unusual direction will uncover new possibilities!


    • New possibilities, always welcome . All this is of interest to an enquiring mind, but no more essential to living a life in God than is strict adherence to literal scripture.

      I am quite happy with the possibility of a Trinity, as after all many things seem to be trinities. Body, mind and soul is only one instance. Maybe this is the way we are made in God’s image – as a trinity.

      But not things we need to know.


      • Blimey,
        That has to be about the weirdest take on the Holy Trinity that I’ve ever heard. I must say that even if this Physicist manages to demonstrate the three Singularities that he postulates, I cannot for the life of me fathom just how it can offer any proof about a Christian God. I wonder just how well it would go over with Christian Theologians.


      • But I need to ‘know’ (to the best of my ability, which is of course, limited) the God I worship Strewth. It is very important to me, otherwise, who or what am I worshipping?


      • It just struck me further, that in some Christian traditional expositions on the Holy Trinity, it is specifically the Holy Spirit that flows between the Father and the Son, and of course never the Son that ‘flows’ between the Holy Spirit and the Father. Then sometimes, I suppose in a Modalist type of thinking, that the Holy Spirit can be described as essentially the Love between the two. I’m not holding my breath for a big revelation from the guy. And on top of it all, he suggests that the Holy Spirit is to be seen as the Creator. Words fail me.


      • “Otherwise, who or what am I worshipping?” Perhaps you could make a list of what things you honour, Monica, like integrity, kindness, and so on. If those things fill your consciousness, they are the things you will attract, that will be the level of consciousness you operate on, you will feel a personal Presence that can only be right and good.

        If you focus on what you know of as right and good, there will be no room for anything else, no fear that you don’t ‘know’ God well enough. Intellectually knowing is not the only kind of knowledge. A child cannot intellectually know much about its parents, but knows them well in stronger deeper ways, the only ways necessary for a child. And aren’t we God’s children?

        The blessing of faith allows us to trust in the integrity and love of God while acknowledging that our minds are too limited to intellectually grasp all the details. A parent does not expect a child to understand as much as an adult would. So many details differ between religions and between sects, misapprehension must exist. For God’s children that’s okay.


      • Cheers Strewth,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I’ve read it so many times, and it seems to me that your god is ‘self’. That’s not mine though. Still, each to their own. I now have peace, and I thank God for that.

        And please don’t think that I am being critical, it’s just the conclusion I’ve come to.

        Me? Truth, love and justice is what is most important to me—I hunger for it.

        Love, Mon


      • No offence taken, Mon. We all see each other through different glasses, and I hope I haven’t offended you at any time in how I perceive your beliefs.

        I cannot see myself as God, (finding that hilarious!) but yes I admit that it is through myself that I have the sense of living, breathing, having my being in Him. Which does not mean that I have the ability to analyse or describe God. I am content to acknowledge my ignorance.

        Blessings, Mon.


  2. No surprises !!
    People can take a stance either way as to if there is or does not .
    The only issue is if people believe they should escape non existence .
    All elles is but window dressing .
    All those killing each other is also based on a similar theme only with the lack of empathy :- A belief in self importance.
    How is it that people have not in tens of thousands of years not raised themselves above that dogmatic self indulgent crap ?


      • Why is there reluctance for people to come straight out and declare the fear of non-existence drives them to invent escape scenarios .

        What is the difficulty in admitting non-existence is what drives you and many many others .
        As to your hyperbola reply :-
        No-one goes to non existence. You choose what existence you go to.
        For a start you don’t see the instant contradiction ?

        There as so many tangents of contradiction and situations that make nonsense of believers baseless claims .

        One tangent on this “You choose what existence you go to”
        What could a person with dementia decide ?


      • Hm I dont know, Bryan.
        If you are an atheist, then to my mind you could consider yourself to be very important. With the atheist conviction that there is no continuation of life beyond the grave, there could easily come as an equal conviction that as a member of the human race, AND with any fellow-feeling towards other humans including your own family, – you are actually a very very important being in the scheme of things.

        You can do your level best for those others, in order to make the world as good as it is possible for you. There is only this one little life, and just a small grouping of things you can do. in that short time. You may be comparing your contribution to that of others who have lived before you. That I think makes you very important.


  3. Wanted to put this in the ‘Farewell to a brother’ thread, but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. Do not want to offend. But anyway, I felt the Lord say, “In Christ”…..What does it mean to be a brother or sister in Christ? For you Beloved Brother.


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