Atheists turn on Dawkins

THE world’s most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, has riled many of his followers for remarks he made on Twitter and elsewhere on subjects ranging from sexual harassment (“stop whining”) to Down syndrome fetuses (“abort and try again”),

When Religion News Service reported on his controversial July tweets on pedophilia — Dawkins opined that some attacks on children are “worse” than others — the 73-year-old British evolutionary biologist and best-selling New York Times author declined to be interviewed.

But on a speaking tour through the San Francisco Bay Area in support of his new memoir, “An Appetite for Wonder,” he invited a reporter to sit down with him and explore the thinking behind his remarks.

Bottom line: He stands by everything he has said — including comments that one form of rape or pedophilia is “worse” than another, and that a drunken woman who is raped might be responsible for her fate.

Recent criticism of Dawkins has come from women, many of them within the atheist movement, which has long drawn more men to its ranks..

Writing for Salon last month, atheist activist Amanda Marcotte said: “People like Dawkins … are the public face of atheism. And that public face is one that is defensively and irrationally sexist. It’s not only turning women away from atheism, it’s discrediting the idea that atheists are actually people who argue from a position of rationality. How can they be, when they cling to the ancient, irrational tradition of treating women like they aren’t quite as human as men?”

Some atheist men, too, are unhappy with Dawkins’ most recent remarks.

“There’s no denying that Dawkins played a formative role in the atheist movement, but it’s grown beyond just him,” Adam Lee, a New York-based atheist, wrote in September in The Guardian. “Remarks like these make him a liability at best, a punchline at worst. He may have convinced himself that he’s the Most Rational Man Alive, but if his goal is to persuade everyone else that atheism is a welcoming and attractive option, Richard Dawkins is doing a terrible job.”

Dawkins, however, disagrees.
“I concentrate my attention on that menace and I confess I occasionally get a little impatient with American women who complain of being inappropriately touched by the water cooler or invited for coffee or something which I think is, by comparison, relatively trivial,” he said.


9 thoughts on “Atheists turn on Dawkins

  1. As a Christian, we like Dawkins, because every time he opens his mouth, the rubbish he speaks tends to show atheism for what it is.
    You only need to read “The God Delusion” together with “Deluded by Dawkins” for example to see the games atheists play with the truth in order to win the argument.
    You only need to read “The Greatest Show on Earth” with “Why Evolution is not the Greatest Show on Earth” to see the type of sleigh of hand mr Dawkins employs to defend atheism.


    • The basis for your position is all about your belief of mans supposed importance .That hard evidence all around that Evolution is how “ALL” species manage to compete with each other AND THE ENVIRONMENT .


      • No, the basis of my position is giving both sides the opportunity to present their case and making an informed decision. Yours is of blind faith.


  2. I of course condemn paedophilia, but I have to agree with Dawkins that ” some attacks on children are “worse” than others”. I personally know two men who approached children, neither of them as an attacker.

    One sought to control the child, the other to seduce – a slower process which the man claimed was a loving one.

    It is not loving to persuade a child into an action beyond their understanding and maturity. It has life-long repercussions for the child. Never-the-less I can acknowledge that a rape attack is worse.


  3. So Bryan you are getting pleasure out of others having a go at Dawkins.
    How exactly does that mix with your belief.
    Aaah !
    There are words in your book to make exception to any theme or situation .
    The art is to find the right word sequences and a vagueness of interpretation to justify the actions.
    One can even justify first degree murder .


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