McDonald’s in churches?


There’s a new Indiegogo global fundraising campaign to place McDonald’s in churches.

Organizers note that churches are closing by the thousands in the U.S. each year, and that McDonald’s serves 70 million people a day. So the solution to the dwindling churches problem is a McDonald’s in every church, and they want to start by raising $1 million to buy the first franchise.

This may or may not be a joke.

A study a few years ago concluded that very young children are more likely to recognise Ronald McDonald and the Nike swoosh than Jesus. One study found that 69% of all three-year-olds could identify the McDonald’s golden arches – while half of all four-year-olds did not know their own name.


13 thoughts on “McDonald’s in churches?

  1. The world is rapidly changing. It’s sad though, and I must say, surprising, to be told that even the churches in America are closing by the thousands each year. Surprising because hubby and I found the Americans to be very religious in our travels over there. They were not backward in declaring their faith in God, which we found so refreshing when compared to the reluctance of Aussies to fess up to their faith in God. I guess, like hubby and I, they’ve turned their backs on church life. That’s sad. There’s so much I miss about church life, but I’m not prepared to sit through all the religiosity anymore. I don’t think the Holy Spirit has preeminence in every church. I think He’s been supplanted by a religious spirit instead and when that happens there’s a ‘spiritual’ famine in many of our churches today. It means and we’re being fed cheeseburgers instead of real food!

    “But it Can’t Be…”

    We can’t be experiencing a spiritual famine in America…not with all the churches on every corner. I live in a small town Washington State, south of the Canadian border named Lynden. At one time, Lynden held the world record for the most churches per square mile and per capita.

    We can’t be experiencing a spiritual famine in America, not with all the Christians walking around. In 1990, the demographics for Christianity in America was 86%, but according to the American Religious Identification Survey of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.; March 2009, the number was reduced to 75%. In another study, church planting in Seattle, Washington was the hardest to succeed since only 4% of the population was identified as evangelical Christians.

    We can’t be experiencing a spiritual famine in America…not with all the professing witnesses; ambassadors of Christ.

    We can’t be experiencing a spiritual famine because it can only happen if no people are hearing from God and we know people are hearing. They are saying, ‘God told them to tell you how to get a new house or a new car. You can have the best of everything because your Father is rich and owns everything.’ We can’t be experiencing a spiritual famine in the land.

    “I know what it looks like…” An absence of God’s Word and a shortage of God’s Word in your city:

    for the LOST;

    for the HURTING;

    for the OPPRESSED;

    for the DEPRESSED;

    for the ADDICTED;

    for the UNSAVED;

    for the BACKSLIDDEN;

    for the CONFUSED and ABUSED;

    It looks like those who are looking for hope can’t find it and those who say they have hope won’t share it.”


    • Yes, Monica but what sort of faith are they professing in America? To be an American is to weep over the destruction of the Twin Towers, then go home and put on some superhero movie where carnage and destruction of large buildings is the order of the day.
      People can’t whinge about McDonalds in the Church, when the mainstream churches violently oppose people who endeavour to bring them enlightenment on the fact that what one eats and drinks is Biblical.


    • ” I don’t think the Holy Spirit has preeminence in every church. I think He’s been supplanted by a religious spirit instead” (Monica.)
      There are some Christian groups who teach that the Holy Spirit is feminine or has feminine aspects. Most are based on the grammatical gender of the words in the original Bible languages where the Holy Spirit is the subject. In Hebrew the word for spirit (ruach) is feminine. In Aramaic also, the language generally considered to have been spoken by Jesus, the word is feminine. In other languages a masculine anthropomorphism is used.

      Can the Spirit of Holiness have a gender?


      • John 14:26(NKJV)

        26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, ****He**** will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.

        Is the Holy Spirit a “He,” “She,” or “It,” male, female, or neuter?

        “In the end, whatever our theological explanation, the fact is that God used exclusively masculine terms to refer to Himself and almost exclusively masculine terminology even in metaphor. Through the Bible He taught us how to speak of Him, and it was in masculine relational terms. So, while the Holy Spirit is neither male nor female in His essence, He is properly referred to in the masculine by virtue of His relation to creation and biblical revelation. There is absolutely no biblical basis for viewing the Holy Spirit as the “female” member of the Trinity.”

        Read more:


    • And religions have always been building grandiose constructions to draw the masses in !
      And you believe the many versions of entities have been asking those buildings to be erected .
      Religions are nothing but “gimmicks” for every religion is of mans creation.


    • Exactly. A significant portion of Christianity is keeping a distance from truth, which in turn harms the faith and inspires new gimmicks in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.


  2. Well that’s what they want to do to churches isn’t it?
    Make them digestible for the masses with junk.

    I think churches should stick to their guns and keep it pure, loving and authentic and sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but nonetheless a good diet for the soul.


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