Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

IT’S interesting how many people who don’t follow a particular religion, or wouldn’t even call themselves spiritual, believe in angels.

A Nielsen survey showed 51% of Australians believed in angels. That includes 10% of those who claim to be “non-believers”.

There real angels are something different to what most people think.
The Bible has more than 300 separate references to angels – awe-inspiring spiritual beings who delivered spiritual messages and warnings from God, and sometimes saved believers from death and serious injury.

The word angel is derived from the Greek word for messenger – angeloforos.

Angels are portrayed as extremely powerful images in the three main monotheiestic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Judaism, in particular, has always proclaimed the power of angels in elevating the material world to higher spiritual realms, and of bringing heaven closer to the earthly existence.

All three faiths portray angels as beings linked directly to God or, in the case of fallen angels, to Satan. In Heaven, according to monotheistic belief, the angels will be lesser than us.

Perhaps angels, not the ones on lapel pins but the real ones. move among us frequently.

Maybe it’s best just to keep in mind one of the New Testament’s simplest commandments: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

As the poet Daisey Verlaef said: “ You’ll meet more angels on a winding path than on a straight one.” And so it seems.

And a song about angels from Sarah McLachlan and Carlos Santana Live.


11 thoughts on “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

  1. There real angels are something different to what “”most””” people think.
    GEE Bryan !!
    Don,t tell me !!
    Is it those who claim to know the real truth who know what “”REAL ANGELS ARE””

    We mrst be so so thankful the entity has supplied sufficient translators to “”EDUCATE”” the masses on how to behave.
    Pity the entity keeps on changing and adding conflicting the text books !!!!


  2. One correction, in Islam we do not believe in the fallen being angels. Angels are incapable of sinning. Fallen angels are Jinn. It is these Jinn that are mistaken for ghosts on Earth. Just as humans, you get your good Jinn and your bad Jinn. People who are psychic are just people who can communicate with Jinn. Just as you have a angels that follows you around, you also have Jinn that follows you around. This Jinn is often referred to as Satan.


    • The real question is whether the Permian Period really existed or was it artificially made up by the Darwinists, under the direction of that angel called the old serpent, the father of lies, etc.

      “We know the date of the fossils because of the rocks they’re in. We know the date of the rocks because of the Fossils they contain.”

      The way to test if the Permian Period really existed is to give a lab rocks found in the alleged Permian Period Strata but without the fossils. Then sit back and watch the scientists get the dating wrong.


      • No Atheist Thinking that is the stance of your atheistic scientists. Which is nothing but a circular argument which proves nothing.


      • davinci :-
        So in that case you are claiming “Charles Darwin” was a atheistic scientist .
        Yours is nothing but a circular argument containing only fog .

        Again a straightforward question :-
        How old do “YOU ” believe this planet is ?
        Show some commitment !


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