Rejoice, Be Glad!


Something to make Monday a little lighter. This is Mozart’s exuberant motet “Exsultate Jubilate,” (Rejoice, Be Glad) performed beautifully by soprano Julia Lezhneva


3 thoughts on “Rejoice, Be Glad!

  1. However anyone blaming any entity for the crap things that happen will find one of those joyful dreamers with a not so happy face come a knocking .
    Bryan why do you not show a child in deep distress sitting in a hospital bed with drip feed and tubes pushed into their body with the same header .
    There are thousands of children every year that are doomed to die .
    A end only extended by doctors experimenting on them .

    I thought up another point but again it would be one your elk would avoid giving a direct opinion.


      • You know the word I meant .
        But is not a child in hospital requiring considerable attention instead of posting images of “BEAUTIFUL” healthy people.
        Are not those children created by some sort of “all seeing all know” what ever ?
        Maybe you should visit one of those children about to die after years of being experimented on .
        Some would not even know what a rose smells like .
        Aaah !!
        But they are being tested to see if they are worthy of eternity .
        Did they PASS ??


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