Just $3,650 Puts A Person In Top Half of Wealth In The World


The Credit Suisse global wealth report, is out and it has some surprising findings on the world wealth distribution. The report says that the richest 1% of the world’s population is not only getting wealthier but owns more than 48% of global wealth. The bottom half of the world population owns less than one percent of the world’s wealth.

The report also found that a person needs just $3,650 – including the value of equity in their home – to be among the wealthiest half of world citizens. The amount however goes up dramatically from that point. In order to be considered in the top ten percent, you need more than $77,000 and to be in the top one percent you need $798,000.

The world wealth itself is at an all-time high — twice that of the year 2000, or $263tn.
With 1,783,000 people in the top 1% of global wealth holders, Australia accounts for 3.8% of this wealthy group,
despite having just 0.4% of the world’s adult population.

Only 6% of Australians have net worth below USD 10,000, which can be compared to 29% in the USA and 70% for the world as a whole.

The proportion of those with wealth above USD100,000 is the highest of any country – eight times the world

The China, the communist People’s Paradise, has the fourth largest number of people in the top ten percent. First place is still held by the United States followed by Japan. After China, there is France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.



6 thoughts on “Just $3,650 Puts A Person In Top Half of Wealth In The World

  1. So the top 1% have 125 trillion dollars. So if each person in the top 1% gave just one percent of the wealth to the people in the bottom half of the wealth spectrum then each person would get $416. Imagine a family in Africa getting $416 for each person. This payment could occur every year. We should hold ourselves to account before we are held to account.


  2. Such a simplistic view from Credit Suisse .
    A sales person two days ago was smugly bragging that Australian are the wealthiest people on the planet .
    Next time he passes a homeless person he should say to them “RELAX Australian,s are the wealthiest people on the planet ”
    But what are you believers worried about ?
    Are you not going to a better place ?
    There is a subject much more important than the wealth distribution !
    The subject has not come up yet .


    • I went to Albania and Romania after communism fell. You really have no idea how bad things were there (and still are). The fact that people are migrating or wanting to migrate into Australia is a good indication of how lucky we really are.

      Even the homeless over here have it better than some of the Eastern European countries. You don’t have a lot of homeless people dying of exposure and/or starvation here as you do overseas. There are various charities over here that regularly feed them. And many people who have experienced unemployment get to fill their shopping trolleys to bursting on $20 from charities – run – outlets, whereas the same groceries cost me over $100 because I am employed.

      Furthermore, food parcels are given freely given to homeless people


      • Davinci, you have a wrong perception of the charity run stores. They are staffed by volunteers, but still pay rent or rates, electricity etc, and buy their stock at wholesale rates. These are not the wholesale prices the big stores pay, which are so much cheaper that the charity stores have to sell at about the same prices as the big guys.

        This is not the same as the charity provided in the form of food hand outs, which are free, but subject to being computer recorded across all local charities to avoid double-dipping. You are not being disadvantaged. Be glad you have a job – they are gradually becoming extinct.


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