The world turns grey when we feel blue

THE world literally fades to grey when we feel blue, scientists discovered.
Depression has an effect on the eyes that makes it harder to detect the black and white contrasts.
Scientists in Germany carried out tests on the retinas of patients which showed the effect – similar to turning down the contrast control on a TV.
It could be one reason why throughout the ages and regardless of culture or language, artists have consistently depicted depression using symbols of darkness or grey uniformity.
The effect was so marked that scientists believe the test could provide an objective way of measuring depression levels.
The study, conducted by Dr Ludger Tebartz van Elst and researchers at the University of Freiburg, is reported in the journal Biological Psychiatry.
The condition is estimated to affect one in five people during their lifetime.
John Krystal, the editor, said: “These data highlight the profound ways that depression alters one’s experience of the world.
“The poet William Cowper said that variety’s the very spice of life, yet when people are depressed, they are less able to perceive contrasts in the visual world. This loss would seem to make the world a less pleasurable place.”


4 thoughts on “The world turns grey when we feel blue

  1. That’s fascinating isn’t it.

    When the light dims, so does the colour.

    It’s as though God intended the symbolism in the symptoms.

    I know depression can be a chemical imbalance but I also know that depression can be a result of sin i.e. of moving away from the Light.


  2. its worse for the trekkies, their ships are various shades of grey both inside and outside, yet they optimistically go on despite the so called oppressive greys

    Star trekking across the universe
    Sailing on the enterprise under captain kirk
    Star trekking across the universe
    And we’re going forward, ‘cos we can’t find reverse…


  3. Thinking of synesthesia again and how music is seen as colour.

    This would colour anyone’s world. I was watching this youtube clip of the 50th anniversary of the making of West Side Story (a childhood favourite). It’s mesmerising to watch Leonard Bernstein put his masterpiece together and to listen to Dame Kiri sing (26:00 onwards). After that you get to hear some of the best trumpeting and strings. Just awesome.


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