Richard 111 finally to get a big funeral


KING Richard 11 will finally get a big funeral, 500 or so years after his death.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is likely to lead mourners at the televised funeral of King Richard III, found buried under a Leicester car park in 2012.

He will be joined by his equivalent figure in the Roman Catholic Church, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols, and representatives of other faiths to bury the Last Plantagenet king.

Richard was King of England for two years, from 1483 until his death in 1485 in the Battle of Bosworth Field. According to legend, he usurped the throne from the young Edward V, who disappeared with his younger brother while under their ambitious uncle’s supposed protection.

Richard III is currently the only English monarch without a marked grave after his remains were found buried under a car park in Leicester two years ago. The remains were confirmed as Richard’s by comparing DNA of his descendants.

The burial in Leicester follows a lengthy wrangling between the Plantagenet Alliance, set up by descendants of the family of Richard III who wanted him to be reinterred in York Minster, and Leicester Cathedral and University, who wanted him buried in Leicester.

Judges at the High Court ruled earlier this year that Richard III should be reinterred in Leicester.

The bones of Richard III will be reburied next year in Leicester Cathedral in a coffin made by the woodworker Michael Ibsen, the seven times great-nephew of the last Plantagenet king.

Leicester Cathedral confirmed it would be open for people to pay their respects in the week leading up to the burial.

It will receive the King’s remains on March 22, 2015 and he will then lie in repose for three days. He will then be reburied during a ceremony on March 26.

And from March 28, the area of Richard III’s tomb will be open to the public.


20 thoughts on “Richard 111 finally to get a big funeral

    Nothing has changed .
    Millennium may pass.
    But people still kiss the feet of those that walked over them and the descendants of those that walked over them
    Bryan you should watch “”Horrible histories”” to get some perceptive on how horrible those people were.

    Looks like you worship the powerful of yesteryear [mafia of old] and their descendants.


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