We’re off to war (again)

SO we’re off to war (again) in Iraq (again).
At the outbreak of World War I, when patriotism at its peak, the slogan “the war to end all war” was a common catchphrase.

British cabinet minister David Lloyd George, soon to become wartime prime minister, sensed the bitter irony in the statement.. “This war, like the next war,” he
cynically remarked, “is another war to end all war.”

And the next war. And the ones after that. The War to End All Wars did little more than to perpetuate war.

Can we ever hope for world peace? Armed conflict seems the way of the world, not something belong to the tragic past. It is the most deadly plague in history.

Wars between people cannot be eradicated because these wars stem from the war within us. As Martin Luther King observed: “We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

Nearly all wars are due to the desperate grasping of an ideology, a fight for resources or for power

Is there any righteousness between nations? Probably not.

Not while men and women remain indifferent to the rights of others.

It’s not hatred that is the opposite of love. It’s indifference. And indifference can do more harm that outright hatred.

There’s no point in trying to change the world unless we can make personal changes in ourselves.


10 thoughts on “We’re off to war (again)

  1. Unfortunately, some people only understand morality when it is at the end of a gun, the point of a sword, etc. That is why Paul in Romans talks about the government (not the church) bearing a sword, being a terror to evildoers (the true War on Terror), etc.

    It is interesting that Jesus Christ lived in a time when the Roman Emperor was also a paedophile, when the government He lived under was described by prophet Daniel as “robbers of your people”, when slavery was the norm. Yet He resisted the attempts to make Him king. He never interfered in how the people were governed, never campaigned for social justice.

    What He did was to leave a legacy that would undermine these issues of social injustice from within. And all within the parameters of free choice rather than armed coercion.


  2. Sometimes we have no other choice:

    “Make no mistake, we may not consider ourselves at war with ISIS but they most assuredly reckon themselves at war with us. And with anyone else who does not share their murderous corruption of Islam. The world has rarely been short on horror but there is something especially horrifying about ISIS. If heads on pikes won’t convince you, what would be enough to persuade you this is an evil that must be confronted? And if not confronted today it will have to be confronted eventually. Because these are not people and this is not a worldview that will be content to carve out territory and then, once it has established its base, live quietly and peacefully ever after.”



    • (With your permission Bryan, an off topic convo)

      Monica! What were you doing invading my dream space last night lol It was the longest and realest dream. I met you, your two sisters and a brother (I know you have sisters). You had long curly black hair and you had been away from the blog because you were having a movie and a book made about you from someone who read Faithworks haha. You were on the verge of being famous and there were all these posters with your picture scattered around the city. Your family were cooking and sharing all these Maltese dishes that I didn’t recognise. Lots of beans. You explained that your family were from a part of Malta that started with S (maybe that Sicilian connection).


      • Kathleen!

        It’s my sister who wants to be a movie star—not me! 😆

        But yes, I’ve just had my hair cut short but it was longish and it’s still naturally curly (well, frizzy these days) and (dyed) dark brown.

        Yep, I have two sisters and a brother and yes, my dear Mum grows lots of broad beans and unbelievable, yes, my family is from Sliema. In fact, that’s where we all stayed this past trip.

        That’s truly amazing Kathleen…..and funny ’cause I am so unphotogenic that I run and hide when someone wants to take a photo of me let alone having my picture scattered around the city, hahaha!

        I’ve actually been thinking about you a lot lately because I’ve been missing your presence on Faithworks, and pining for the good old days when we used to have lots of heated debates (arguments). Been missing everyone. Not the same anymore……..

        Anyway, great to hear from you Kathleen and thanks for sharing that dream. Hahaha, I’m still laughing, but you sure did get a lot of facts right.

        Would you believe that I sent Rian an email yesterday telling him that we are all connected in the spirit? Amazing!

        Love you!


      • Wowee, aren’t I a clever girl lol

        Yes, well things ebb and flow. I don’t think anybody is leaving here but there are times where we are taken elsewhere. For me it’s been the knitting machine. I’ve been scolded for being obsessed haha

        I’m sure we’ll all soon be back and fighting again 🙂


      • Is the knitting machine hard to master? Did you take a course to learn how to use it? And what have you knitted so far Kathleen? Also, are they still popular?


      • It is a bit hard. Tricky and there’s lots to learn. I’ve only made basic stuff still. I’ll get there!

        There’s a renewed interest all of a sudden. Lots of charity work done on them. If you have never used one I’d start with a hobby Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine. A good starting point.


    • Hey Mon,

      Yeah and when a ton o these ISIS guys were calling themselves the Arab Spring and fighting in Libya the west was supporting them.


  3. PJ O’Rourke once said of the Islamic nations of the ME that they are so inept in solving their squabbles that their battle song has become:
    “Onward Christian Soldiers…”


  4. We want quick and peaceful solutions. That seems unlikely to happen. It takes a new generation to get past the damage done to people’s brains that makes them perpetrators of ‘evil’.

    ‘Seems’ unlikely, yet the world has seen peaceful resolutions come unexpectedly before. Please, people, spread thoughts of a peaceful and just resolution to all conflict areas, and pray wholeheartedly.


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