Hitler’s childhood home could become museum

Geburtshaus Adolf Hitlers in Braunau am Inn

THE Austrian house where Adolf Hitler was born could be turned into a museum named the “House of Responsibility.”

Hitler was born there in the town of Braunau am Inn in 1889.

Over the years, the building has served as a “bank, workshop, library, school and home for the disabled,” reports Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Today, the building is empty and the Austrian Interior Ministry rents it from a local woman, according to the USC Shoah Foundation.

The site has become a pilgrimage destination for neo-Nazis on Hitler’s birthday, April 20, according to Haaretz.

The idea for the museum comes from Austrian historian Andreas Maislinger, who says the “House of Responsibility” will allow students and young people to do research on crimes against humanity and World War II.

Maislinger has received support from Schindler’s List producer and Holocaust survivor Branko Lustig, according to the foundation.

Braunau am Inn’s town association is expected to support the plan, and Austria’s Interior Ministry is expected to give final approval later this year, reports The Independent.


12 thoughts on “Hitler’s childhood home could become museum

  1. Off topic, but had to share this great story before I threw the paper out, because I remember your thread Bryan about the XXXChurch booth at the annual porn convention in USA. This is definitely good fruit as a result of their ministry, God bless them.


    Playboy had just offered Donny Pauling $4,000 a day to produce a new lesbian reality series when the drive home took an unexpected twist that changed his entire life.

    Donny had already made millions in eight years from producing pornography part-time, behind his wife’s back, but this new Playboy deal represented his ultimate commitment to the porn industry.

    It all started with a growing addiction to viewing Internet pornography at work or at night, while his wife slept, and eventually sparked the idea to start his own business in the industry.

    “I had always told myself that I would not cheat on my wife, I was going to keep it professional,” Donny says. “Two years into it I cheated the first time and I felt horrible. She didn’t deserve it because she was an amazing woman. I promised myself then that if I ever cheated again I would come clean with her.” A year later he had another affair and called his wife from a porn convention to confess all that he had been doing. She reasoned that their marriage still had a chance if he agreed to counselling but at this point Donny immediately said ‘no’ because he did not want to explore why he was “full of rage, anger and bitterness”.

    He explains that a wall of hatred towards God and all Christians had built up from his legalistic religious upbringing. “God seemed to me to be a list of rules and regulations, a list of things I couldn’t do. It seemed like your actions made you holy,” he explains. Donny adds that he had “always confused God with the people claiming to represent Him” and, after witnessing the hypocrisy of Christians he knew growing up, he thought to himself: “if this is Jesus, if this is Christianity, I do not want to have a part of it”.

    At one annual porn convention, he recalls always seeing people “holding their picket signs and telling us that we were going to burn in hell…that just fuelled my anger and bitterness even more.”

    Ironically, it was at a porn convention that Donny eventually discovered the real Jesus when he stumbled upon a radical XXXChurch booth with their emblazoned “Jesus loves porn stars” Bibles and their make-up stand for the girls working there. “Instead of judging [the girls],” Donny explains, “they told them that they were beautiful and that God loved them, and that there was nothing they could do that could change that, and that He wanted more for them.”

    Over the next four years Donny distantly observed the loving actions of this group and says he came to realise that, if he were to be a Christian, “this is the kind of Christian I would want to be, and the kind of Jesus I would want to serve.” When his hatred for Christians melted away, he says, “I could no longer justify what I was doing”.

    He began to pray, challenging God to prove He was real in a personal way. Donny’s prayers were answered in September 2006, after pulling over on the side of the road on the way home from his meeting at Playboy.

    “I was like, ‘God, it doesn’t matter what I do, You bless me!’ Basically what I was saying was, “Thanks for the new porn contract’,” he recalls praying. But, he says, “as crazy as it sounds”, after this prayer he immediately felt as if he was “hit with electricity” and, as the strange shock ran through his body, Donny knew it was the sign he had been seeking from God.

    A few days later he surrendered control of his life to Jesus and, although he admits he was terrified of what that would mean, he says he felt “a huge sense of relief and happiness for the first time in a long, long time.”

    Although he lost all of his mortgaged possessions and a girlfriend of five years, Donny recalls “I was never more at peace.” To “rewire” his “messed up understanding of Christianity” Donny says he enrolled in a Bible course and was humbled when some loving Christian friends offered to pay for his education and rehabilitation. “I had days I would cry so hard that I puked, finally cry myself to sleep and then would wake up and started again,” he says. Yet when he felt like he was falling, Donny recalls that God was there to comfort him.

    Looking back, he confidently shares: “I know I am forgiven. God gives us a big gift; it’s called grace. And when we can’t forgive ourselves it’s like we give Him that gift back and say it’s not good enough. So I do accept His forgiveness.” Wanting to share God’s peace with others, he soon began travelling the world to tell millions of people about the dangers of porn and the way it can destroy people’s lives.

    When asked whether he still finds porn attractive, Donny says, “There’s nothing appealing about a girl curled up in a corner sucking her thumb because her mind is so blown by what she’s been doing.”

    Practically speaking, Pauling urges those who are struggling to break a porn addiction to set up a system of accountability – someone they can talk to regularly about their struggles – and to never give up, remembering that God’s love for them will never change.

    “I’ve had people come up to me and say they heard me speak two years ago, and they haven’t looked at the stuff since,” he says, “but that’s not realistic for everybody.”

    “God is not looking for a reason to send us to hell, He’s looking for a reason to bring us to Him,” he concludes. “So just stand back up and stop letting your guilt get you down.”

    Hear more from Donny at donnypauling.net or http://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/author/donney-pauling

    CHALLENGE , the good news paper—September 2014


      • Yeah and I’ll betcha he gets to keep the millions of dollars he made in the porn industry with an absolutely clear conscience. I’d also bet he’s not that worried about cheating on his wife any more. Why would he be he’s been forgiven.


      • Heck davinci,
        I would never ever argue that no-one has his life and personality changed by or within the influence of some aspect of Christianity. Of course it does. But I would point out that many converts to Islam have turned away from their distorted and misguided lives too. I’m quite sure that our mate Dom would verify that. And there are many accounts of individuals turning about through influences from the secular world as well.

        All the tales of repentance or turn arounds in the world still do not prove the Christian theory that there has been a unique salvation that guarantees an entry to the hypothetical heaven.

        I am very happy when any of our brothers or sisters learns the folly of his/her life and turns about. And I do not doubt that there is a spiritual world with profound influences that can change people’s lives. I have yet to see evidence for the Christian theory

        There is still no proof of what happens after death for those people.
        Cheers, Rian (still thumping his chest).


    Tips for life by Alan Bailey

    World Suicide Prevention Day was on September 10

    It’s one of the most distirbing elements of modern life. Even people who seem to have good prospects and sympathetic relatives and friends nevertheless end their lives. The grief over a death seems to be worsened by the way it occurred.


    As a rule, it isn’t poverty and hardship that makes people take their own lives. All too often, it is those with good homes, safe environments and seemingly no reason to despair. But we know that depression hits all kinds of people for a range of reasons. But at the bottom, there is the loss of hope. Life is too hard to cope with and ending it is a way out. We are told that the depressed don’t consider what their loved ones will feel; they are too occupied with their own thoughts. All so sad.


    There are also cases where others are much in the minds of those who die. Recently, an 18-year-old boy from Melbourne went to the Middle East, strapped bombs to himself and killed innocent people. An all too frequent example of extreme fanaticism. Then there are those who have a grudge against someone close to them and feel that killing themselves will punish the one left to deal with it.


    Prevention surely means looking at the reasons and trying to deal with them. If someone has no strong sense of meaning and purpose in his or her life, terminting it is an option. How much is ever talked about or taught in our society about meaning? Many people believe that we are here by sheer accidents of evolution, that there is no ultimate purpose, and values are just what you want to make them. Until we change this, suicide will go on an perhaps increase.

    We must open our eyes and see that we are amazing creations of God. There is meaning to our existence. We can live life to the glory and honour of God because He cares about us and, in love, provided a Saviour. There is a destiny of endless joy to be found and knowing Christ personally makes all the difference.

    The best thing we can do for another person is to assure them of the love of God and His desire to bless us eternally.

    Challenge – Edition 372


      by Caitlin Choveaux

      THE LATEST STATISTICS show that almost one million people tragically commit suicide each year, which equates to a death every 40 seconds!

      With the recent shocking news of well-known actor and comedian Robin Williams’ suspected suicide, it is evident that no even fame and fortune can save people from depression and complete despair.

      Why are so many people choosing to end their own lives?

      Research studies show that social isolation can significantly increase the risk of suicide, while having strong bonds with other can protect against it, according to the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

      It seems a lot comes down to feelings of connectedness. Do you long to feel loved, valued and appreciated by someone? In some way or another we all do. This is because we were purposefully created for relationships, both with other people but especially with God.

      In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we read that God created Adam then said: “It is not good for man to be alone”, so He created Eve. Then they talked and walked closely with God in the garden.

      Devastation followed when Adam and Eve chose to deliberately reject God by doing the one thing that He asked them not to do. Their act of rebellion brought a curse that separated them completely from God, tearing their relationship apart.

      Have you experienced a friendship or relationship that has been torn apart? Whether through death or differences, it hurts! For some it can hurt so much that it may feel like there is no reason to face another day in this life.

      Since that first relationship was torn apart at the beginning, there is a deep desire in all of us to reconcile it, even if we do not yet know what it is.

      Money, career goals, fame, family, relationships and other endless pursuits fill up our time and give us purpose but they can never fully satisfy because life is so short and uncertain. And when things go wrong, our whole world crumbles and we are left asking: what am I living for?

      The only One who is constant through the ups and downs in our lives is God, who waits patiently for us to turn to Him and realise that being in relationship with Him is the reason to live.

      In fact He loved us so much He came and died for us, as Jesus Christ, to lift the curse we inherited through Adam and Eve. He gave up His life so that our relationship with Him could be restored and we could live with him forever.

      Jesus said in John chapter 10 verse 10 “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” While we have life, we have the choice whether to accept what Jesus has done for us or not. And, if we do seek to reconcile with God, we have joy, peace and hope no matter what we face in this life because of God’s promises in the Bible.

      Paul, a man who knew many hardships in his life, wrote in 2 Corinthians chapter 4 verses 16 to 18, “We never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

      We live for God because He is the only one who can give us purpose beyond what this life has to offer.

      Challenge – edition 372


      • I notice that the passage from the Challenge 372 above, quotes the old business of Adam and Eve being ‘under a curse’. Now, going over and reading/rereading those first chapters of Genesis, I still fail to locate any mention of the deity of the story ever pronouncing a curse on ‘our first parents’. The Ground is cursed (heaven knows why, it wasnt guilty of anything!). The Serpent is cursed (though if it did happen to have been the hypothetical ‘devil’ plotting and acting through it, there was still no fault on behalf of the creature, and it didnt deserve any curse.).

        And sure some limitations and punishments (if you like) were pronounced on A and E, but the word Curse is NOT applied to them. Sure, our old mate Paul developed all sorts of ideas and concepts about A and E that no pronouncements of Judaism had ever derived from the account. It was sheer cheek for Paul and the Christian fathers to pinch the story of Adam and Eve from the Jewish Scripture, and fabricate a whole new thesis about Original Sin in order to back up their novel concepts of the Messiah..

        Though a stunning bit of mythology and a striking yarn, the story of the Garden of Eden, has a great number of flaws and weaknesses in it that Christianity has been cussedly oblivious about.
        Cheers, Rian.


  3. “The site has become a pilgrimage destination for neo-Nazis on Hitler’s birthday, April 20, according to Haaretz.”
    If that is to continue, it would be better demolished.

    “…allow students and young people to do research on crimes against humanity and World War II.”
    Glad to see this go beyond WW II.


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