And in sports news…

In sports news, Serena Williams thanked Jehovah for her win over Caroline Wozniacki and for capturing her third U.S. Open. Here’s what God tweeted in response, according to Huffington Post:

Serena Williams just thanked Me! You’re welcome, Serena! That’s what I do all day! Decide the winner of women’s tennis matches!!!


9 thoughts on “And in sports news…

    • I liked the ecumenical tone in your link, Monica.

      I do have reservations about praying for personal success, but thanksgiving is another matter, IMO.


    • Yeah of course God is helping Serena, it’s probably why thousands of children are starving, cause God is busy helping Serena nail that serve.


      • Hey Dom,

        So humans need to chip in to overcome Gods lousy distribution of resources. Why is that is he too busy deciding tennis winners ?


      • Hey Strewth,

        Which God is that one? When I capitalise G “god” I tend to be talking about the Christian version as say opposed to Thor who would be a lower-case g god.

        And the Christian God, according to his bio, is quite happy to step in and take direct action.


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