Atheism as a Religion: A Book Excerpt

One sacred symbol to atheists is the ‘A’ that symbolizes atheism. Three ‘A’ symbols are prominent in atheism. One ‘A’ symbol was created in 2007 by Atheist Alliance International and has a circle around it. The circle is meant to symbolize the unity of all atheists and the inclusion of all other atheist symbols. As you can tell, not only are these symbols for atheism, there is atheist religious symbolism within them that only atheists or those who study atheism know.

A second popular ‘A’ symbol was created by Richard Dawkins and is a red letter ‘A’ on a right leaning slant. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has adopted this symbol to represent it when they set up monuments to atheism. The third sacred ‘A’ symbol was created by the American Atheists and is placed in the middle of an atomic circle. The organization chose this as their symbol in 1963 to demonstrate their faith that science can save and free mankind. The letter ‘A’ stands in the middle of the atomic sign but rather than meaning atheism, it represents the first letter of the country in which the group is located. This obviously leads to problems since ‘A’ could stand for Austria, Algeria, Australia, and so on, but I suppose they weren’t thinking that far ahead. The Atomic A, as it is known, is allowed on gravestones of U.S. military personnel who are atheists. Atheism is so sacred to some atheists that they want the atheist ‘A’ to represent them to the world after their death.

Many atheists demonstrated just how sacred the symbol ‘A’ is to them in the Christmas of 2013. Since my hometown city of Chicago allows a Hanukkah Menorah and Nativity scene to display on government property during the holiday season, the atheists asked to display their own religious symbol so the government wouldn’t give the appearance to be endorsing one religion or the other. The monument the Freedom From Religion Foundation chose was a giant Richard Dawkins letter ‘A’ which stood 8 feet tall and lit up red at night for all to see. Countless atheists showed respect for the ‘A’ by making a pilgrimage to the site where the ‘A’ was displayed and having their picture taken with the ‘A’ which I’m sure will be kept as a cherished keep sake for many. Still, the giant red A was not enough. They also advocated for their atheist faith by erecting a sign that read, “There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

The atheist monument is further proof that atheism is a religion and in direct competition with theist religions for followers. Moreover, they have gone beyond telling people what they stand for and actually attack what others believe in. The FFRF sign is incredibly hateful towards all religions and actively tries to demean God and faith. The FFRF and many secular organizations like them are anti-faith, anti-God, and anti-religion. It is not enough for them to have their symbol and state what they believe in, as the Christian and Jewish symbols do. The FFRF must go one further to state what they dislike about other faiths. I just can’t imagine a Christian nativity scene ever placing a sign next to the nativity stating something cruel and hateful towards other religious faiths. For some reason, atheists at FFRF can still sleep at night doing this. This speaks very poorly of the character of leaders and members of the group. The positive message within atheism must be very weak if they must resort to such hateful, negative tactics.

An additional religious symbol is the atheist Darwin fish. The fish was traditionally a symbol of Christianity for early Christians to recognize each other and since many of Jesus’s disciples were fishermen who he would transform into ‘fishers of men.’ The atheists have usurped the symbol to declare their belief that Darwin’s theory of evolution proves God doesn’t exist. Since the fish is a creature from the natural world, it made for an easy transition to a symbol for atheism. Atheist’s display the fish with the word ‘Darwin’ across the middle or with feet on the bottom and proudly wear it on t-shirts and bumper stickers. While it may have started as a parody on the Christian fish symbol, it is now an easy way for atheists to recognize each other, mission to non-atheists, and show their gratitude and respect to the person whose scientific work they believe is the foundation for much of their atheist faith, Charles Darwin.

Many more, less popular symbols exist including the empty set symbol of mathematics, the invisible pink unicorn, and the flying spaghetti monster. As the atheist religion continues to fortify itself certain symbols will likely tend to dominate as they work for uniformity and cohesion amongst all atheists.

Atheists are also installing their own religious monuments across the United States. In July of 2013 the American Atheists erected a monument at a Florida courthouse that had allowed the displaying of the Ten Commandments. Ken Loukinen, an American Atheists director of state and regional operations stated “Christianity has had an unfair privilege for at least the last 150 years. We want to level the playing field by stripping them of privilege, and bringing them to equality with all other ideologies.” The group has said they will erect 50 more monuments in other locations where the Ten Commandments sit on government land. As Ken Loukinen admitted, the monuments are an effort for the faith of atheism to compete with the other religious faiths.

The monument has the atomic symbol with the letter ‘A’ in the middle to represent the group and atheism. A quote on the monument states, “An atheist believes a hospital should be built instead of a Church.” Little do they acknowledge it was religious temples in Greece, Egypt and other places that first served as hospitals, the numerous hospitals built by Christian charities in the United States, and that atheists have yet to build a hospital in the USA. In the article, the atheists are very explicit about where their priorities are: building 50 more religious monuments to atheism. Perhaps a better quote for the atheist monument would read, “An atheist is someone who says they want a hospital in place of a Church, but then settles for erecting a religious monument to atheism instead.” Not soon after this monument was erected, the Sunday Assembly began its cross-country trip across America raising money for…the atheist Church. Atheists may say they want a hospital instead of a Church, but as atheism in practice demonstrates, their first priorities are monuments and places of atheist worship.

This is an excerpt from the newly released book, Atheism As A Religion: An Introduction to the World’s Least Understood Faith, by Mike Dobbins.


17 thoughts on “Atheism as a Religion: A Book Excerpt

  1. So Mike Dobbins a steeply religious christian puts his view from a persective of being important and being some sort of mysitical being into another collection of words .
    And the topic is those who don,t follow his belief or any other version of spin .

    Like many religious people Mike Dobbins believes those Atheists who are prominent in the media are looked upon as holy men by Atheist.
    I personally don,t !
    I see them as great entertainment when they pop up in the media time too time.
    The are very very funny “subject matter” has so much absurdities the laughs keep on coming.


  2. Now here is my book excerpt on atheism from the “Onion Book of Known Knowledge”:

    Atheism, rejection of a belief in the existence of God in which one deeply devotes oneself to the nearly nonstop studying, writing, thinking, and talking about God. Upon reaching the philosophical and logical conclusion that God cannot exist, an atheist will dedicate the rest of his or her life to poring over books about God, fervently arguing with those who believe in God, and meeting with other devout atheists to discuss God or listen to someone lecture passionately and at length about how there is no God. The firmly held belief that there is no God gives atheists a deep sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.


  3. There does seem to be an Atheism tribe developing like religious tribes. This is unfortunate, but not surprising considering human tendencies of wanting to fit in to a group. Of course, it’s partly an attempt to achieve equality with the special treatments that faiths have.

    This makes a good argument for doing away with public faith-based displays altogether. The focus should be on humanity, after all. Even Jesus promoted that.


    • Yes, but Jesus said “without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). Then He used the illustration of the grapevine to make the point that without a connection with Him our efforts to focus on humanity are a waste of time, and we often misdirect better spent resources in the wrong direction.

      Unfortunately you cannot do away with public faith-based displays. It is fantasy to believe so. For example, when I refuse to cheat my customer by taking advance of his ignorance, I am making a public display of my faith. When I swapped drinks-after-work in favour of prayer meetings, I made a public display of my faith. The fact is that I don’t have to tell people about my religious leanings; all I have to do is be myself. People will notice my public display of faith by the way I act.


      • Jesus drew focus onto himself and his focus was on humanity. Unfortunately, the way it ended up in the book of John made an idol out of him. Strip away the idolatry and you have a focus on humanity.


      • Making an idol out of Jesus? You have to be joking! Or you have not understood what Christianity is all about.

        Before His birth, He was named Jesus because His purpose was to save people from their sins. When He lived among us He often told people whom He cured, to go and sin no more. To others He talked about slavery to sin as being the problem.

        John further says that if we confess our sins He is faithful enough to forgive us and cleanse us from our sins.

        All this is more than merely protecting us from the consequences of sin. It deals with the problem of curing us from the addiction to sin. Thus His focus on humanity.

        But what you are suggesting, is another version of atheism. A version of atheism disguised as religion. The apostles knew it as a form of anti-Christ.


      • “Yes, but Jesus said “without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5)” Without following his way, they could do nothing. Who else was there to follow, idealistically, in that place at that time?


  4. Not following any spin !

    No desire of chasing a infinite existence especially with ZERO escape clause.

    Accepting the reality I did not exist for at-least the last 13,700,000,000 years .

    Accepting the reality I will be oblivion ‘AGAIN” for it did not bother me the first time.

    Accepting the fact I constitute only 10 percent of this body.

    Accepting the fact what my senses deliver are not accurate and my brain is making judgment with faulty data .

    Accepting the fact that no matter what others claim as knowing better they also are making judgments from the same data .

    Accepting the fact that even after 13,700,000,000 years nothing has entered this universe .

    Accepting the fact there is nothing but childish fairy tales of what could be outside this universe.

    Accepting the “FACT “every religion is based on “SELF GRATIFICATION”

    Accepting the fact religions will never scientifically prove or dis-prove existence of SOUL .


    • Atheism as a Religion !!
      Atheism as a Religion ??
      So those points about myself cab be classed as a religion ??

      Well if you believers can stretch the envelope by means of distorting word definitions and meanings to that extent to suit yourself I gladly take my hat off to your ability.
      Being so talented in that area I ask you kindly to apply to have “Atheism legally registered as a Religion”

      Sorry but you would have to register well over 10,000,000 Atheism religions for there would be at least that number of individual thoughts of the universe and existence .


      • the World’s Least Understood Faith, by Mike Dobbins.
        So where is the claim of “FAITH” within my view .
        I am actually pointing out that what ever my thoughts are about what I am and what the universe is is based upon faulty data .
        That data is then processed in a brain that has it,s own criteria based upon the fails data and pre-set instincts .
        One being “SELF GRATIFICATION”
        Realizing this and that “FAITH ” is a tool to sustain the delusion.

        How is it that people “BELIEVE ” and have “FAITH ” that their minds are seeing things as they appear to them as being accurate .
        As if their minds are the most perfect instruments of perception .
        I cringe when people claim to now the truth !
        The utter stupidity when you take into account how easy they can be fooled .
        The industry of illusion would have never existed if peoples brains and senses worked perfectly .
        Let alone MP3 a poor substitute for HIFI

        A magician can make a “ELEPHANT” vanish in a universe your in yet you have the Gaul to know what is outside this universe .


    • I can understand some of these things finding an acceptance, but not many.
      And AT, how can you possibly say “Accepting the fact religions will never scientifically prove or dis-prove existence of SOUL .” ?


      • Religions have never gone looking for scientific truth, but have been presented with scientific proof of what they once denied, like Earth not being the centre of the solar system.

        Neither will they go looking for scientific proof of a soul, but one day may have it presented to them, to their initial surprise and denial. And yours – ! 😆


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