Spring has sprung early


SPRING pays no attention to calendars. Spring ambles in whenever she’s ready and this year she’s come early.

The neighbourhood is already ablaze with blossoms and fresh green tendrils. The soil smells different and the light is somehow more golden.

Henry David Thoreau reckoned you could measure the state of your health by your response to spring. If the prospect of an early morning walk in the sunshine and the warbling of a bluebird did not thrill you, you should check your pulse.

The poet Wallace Stevens said spring was “abhorrent to nihilists’’ _ those who think life has no meaning, purpose or intrinsic value. Spring is too full of hope. Too full of signs of God.

Scientists have found that migrating songbirds can get to their breeding grounds in spring in astonishingly quick time, with some traveling up to 580 kms a day. They have a built-in God-given instinct.

Another team of international researchers traced changes in the bird’s brain and found that cells near the pituitary gland release a hormone during spring in readiness for attracting mates.

But spring can be dangerous for non-singing humans. Suicide rates go up in spring, according to a European study.

One theory suggests the reasons are biological, with the change of season after a period of prolonged darkness provoking some as yet unknown neurochemical imbalance.

Another theory is that seeing other people who appear happy may be especially hard for some to take at this time of year.

Despite economic crisis , wars and terrorism in the Middle East, personal tragedies, cancers and air crashes, spring always comes. The leaves always sprout and the tulips always bloom.

Winter is a perfect backdrop for the glory of spring. Spring is a time for rebirth and beginnings. A time to finally deal with regrets.

Regret can be an honest emotion, but not always. We dream of our past and think of the future we could have had. Regret can say that we should have acted differently.

Perhaps that’s right. But often it’s not too late to fulfill the dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt said the future “belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’’. She said fear was the dream stopper.

Irrational fear is lit by the fires of Hell. On the other hand, a few small positive choices can change the world


2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung early

  1. Have you experienced a European winter end / spring start Bryan? Just before it gets warmer, it turns extremely cold. Similar to our dawns, where the temperature drops just before sunrise. No wonder that many Europeans turn suicidal.


  2. I believe one can be so depressed in winter in some countries that there is no energy to carry through suicidal thoughts. Spring brings energising feelings. Many people when they finally become committed in that direction feel a great happiness at making what they feel is the right decision, a happiness that Spring can reinforce.

    Henry David Thoreau said “Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.”

    Regrets are best I believe if we can recognise them as learning experiences, not to be repeated. We can be glad we have had them and moved on into a renewal, a Springtime.


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