Dancing with ‘the enemy’

Many Israelis and Palestinians would hesitate to come together and talk right now with everything going on in Gaza — let alone dance together. But that is exactly what world champion ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine is getting them to do.

His students in Jaffa are Jewish and Palestinian Israeli children who come together for a 10-week course in Latin Dance, the trials and tribulations of which are documented in a new film by Hilla Medalia, “Dancing in Jaffa.”

As hard as it might be for some of the kids to get over their religious and cultural differences, plenty of opportunities for discussion and laughter arise as well, as the above trailer depicts.


14 thoughts on “Dancing with ‘the enemy’

      • You are twisting what I said Paddy….and you know it. In fact, I think you are being a right a-hole!


      • Hello Monica

        Is this comment supposed to be directed at me ? If so can you explain it at all ?


    • In a recent press conference, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that with the march of Islamic terrorism across the Middle East, Israel simply cannot afford to give up control over the territory to its east, and the West Bank and Jordan – in short, even a massively diminished Palestine state is out of the question.


  1. Didn’t a certain Jew boy say “Love your enemies…”.
    Good to see Jews actually practicing what that particular Jew boy said, even though they reject the aforementioned Jew boy.


    • Did you notice that the extremists in your article were not really accepted by average Israelis? Did you also notice that the aforesaid extremists have links to terrorist groups regarded as such by the Israeli government itself?


  2. After more than 2,100 deaths, the Gaza war ends where it began.

    In war, nobody wants to be the last to die. In Gaza, it was the chief of the electric company’s maintenance division and his deputy. In Israel, it was a pair of volunteers working a security detail on their kibbutz.

    The four deaths on Tuesday, hours before an open-ended cease-fire began between Israel and Hamas, reflected the often indiscriminate, opaque and lethal nature of a conflict that dragged on for 50 days and more than 2,100 deaths, only to end where it began, with a truce deal that is essentially a retread of the one signed in 2012 after the last Gaza war.

    The cease-fire was still holding today, and that was good news in a conflict beset by breaches by Hamas and the other militant Palestinian resistance groups operating in the Gaza Strip.


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