The tale of Con

EVERYONE in the suburb seems to love Con. If you sit down for a chat with him outside the local pub, the conversation will be interrupted frequently by passersby stopping to greet him.
Con has a big smile, a big heart and a gift of the gab. He is one of the most positive people you could meet – a delight to be around.
It takes him a while to get down the main street in his wheelchair decorated in his football team’s colors. Not because he’s slow, but because so many want to stop him to have a chat. And Con, being the generous soul, is always ready to share time with others.
Con was born with cerebral palsy, but blessed with a loving family who encouraged him since he was young and an innate sense of his own worth, he has learned, in a sense, to embrace the disability.
“I never have walked so I don’t miss it,” he says.” “You go one of two ways when you have something like this – you can become bitter or get on with life and enjoy it”
I think Con is a great example of redemption. Born with a disability that could have crushed him, he made it a bridge instead of a wall. And that’s why he inspires others.
Redemption is the cornerstone of most of the major faiths, and particularly Christianity. Redemption shines all around us as the example of God’s grace.
Experience might indicate that some things, some people can’t change. But faith teaches us that it anything is possible. That God is at work in and around us and that people and situations can be transformed. We can all be rescued. If we choose to.
Hope gives us the power to look beyond circumstances that otherwise appear hopeless.


11 thoughts on “The tale of Con

  1. I can see why Con is so popular—God bless him! Your story Bryan, made me realise that there have been very few positive people in my life. Not sure if that’s just my bad luck or they are a rare breed. And what a huge difference they make to the world around us. They are truly a blessing from God.

    It’s so hard to stay positive at times though, and I think I am on a downer at the moment. James Foley’s beheading was the last straw for me. My world changed after that, and I am finding it hard to stay positive. But as you say, ‘redemption’ comes with a promise. I must not allow the darkness to engulf me, for God surely has not abandoned us. He is my strength.

    Thanks Bro, I really needed some encouragement today.


    • Yes Mon, the world sometimes seems like a cruel place. The killing of James Foley also made me somewhat depressed about humanity.

      It is hard enough to control my own destiny, much less the destiny of this messed-up world.

      If there is any hope in this world it lies, for us, in the forgiveness and redemption of mankind by a loving God.

      Love you sister.


      • Thanks Bryan. Love you too. And ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom would have to be one of my all time favorites. It really touched me deeply when I first read it all those years ago, and still does. My heart skips a beat when God brings her story to mind.

        Heard the song, ‘Put a little love in your heart’ driving home this afternoon. Yep, that’s the answer. That’s what makes the world go round, and we all need more of it; to see and feel God’s love expressed through one another.


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