Police search for ‘Holy Grail’

BRITISH police raided an English country pub this week in search of a stolen wooden relic believed by some to be the Holy Grail – a cup from which Jesus is said to have drunk at his final meal before crucifixion.

The Grail has captivated religious experts for centuries, spawning myriad theories about its location and inspiring numerous fictional accounts from the Middle Ages onwards.

The object of the police search, which was unsuccessful, was a frail wooden bowl known as the Nanteos Cup that has been attributed with healing powers since the 19th century, attracting pilgrims and others who believe it may be the Holy Grail itself.

After receiving a tip-off, a team of eight officers and a police dog arrived on Sunday morning at the Crown Inn, a village pub in the rural English county of Herefordshire.

“They turned the place upside down. They came with fiber optic cameras to look in all the corners and nooks and crannies, and under the floorboards … they were clearly serious about it,” the pub’s landlady, Di Franklyn, said.

Police said the relic, a dark wooden cup kept inside a blue velvet bag, had been stolen from a house in the area about a month ago. Photographs available online show a bowl-shaped vessel with around half its side missing.

The cup takes its name from Nanteos Mansion, a country house in Wales where the vessel is reported to have been stored until 1952 after 16th-century monks fleeing King Henry VIII’s dissolution of England’s monasteries sought refuge there.

The cup was said to have been brought to Britain after Jesus’ death by Joseph of Arimathea, the biblical figure who provided Christ with a tomb and, according to legend, brought Christianity to Britain.


5 thoughts on “Police search for ‘Holy Grail’

  1. It’s bad luck to be superstitious .
    Then a quest for some connection of atoms ?
    Put any matter under incredible force and it will emerge as energy .
    The trick is the amount of force?
    Drag all the matter from a skyscraper and with all the space around those particles of matter you would fit that skyscraper into the volume of a “GRAIN OF RICE”
    When you consider this fact the fascination and lust of any group of atoms being more important than any other group of atoms is plainly bonkers.


    • The fascination and lust of any group of atoms being more important than any other group of atoms is plainly bonkers.
      “But that is how religions function”
      Men deciding what group of atoms are ‘SPIRITUAL” at a another group pf atoms {Location} a place in space that we will never pass in again .
      When you fathom that everything is moving through space that itself is being distorted and stretched how can any place be more important than any other ??
      And those claiming any atom or location as being important are using the ignorance of the masses to their advantage .


      • How is it that people manage to ignore such a fundamental point about the universe so far as we know it ?
        All the energy and matter in the universe are but one and the same .
        Humans have for the past seventy years understood the principle of the Electromagnetic spectrum
        {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_spectrum }
        Given enough gravity every particle of matter in this universe would be transformed into a energy within that bandwidth .
        So what part of “EVERYTHING” don’t people comprehend .
        All matter in the universe is made from the same stuff as every other .
        All interaction between particles is constant .


  2. In the legends relating to the search for the Holy Grail, it is symbolic. It is a search for mystical union with God. The effect of attaining the Grail is identical to the intended effect of Holy Communion.

    To know the actual Grail still exists is a wonderful thing, but bears no relationship to those legends, to that search.


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