It’s bad luck to be superstitious


WE humans are a funny lot. When I was growing up even the non religious carried little St Christopher medals in their cars as some sort of superstitious protection from harm. Even after the Vatican ‘de-sainted’ Christopher, on the grounds that he had never really existed anyway, the medals still sold well.
A US company is selling a toaster that takes your daily bread and burns the image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary onto it. It’s a success. The inventor hopes to expand by introducing more religious icons.
In India, owls are in danger of becoming extinct because the superstitious believe wearing parts of the bird around their necks will ward off bad spirits.
An Associated Press poll found that one in five people in western nations admit to being at least somewhat superstitious and the most likely admitted superstition was finding a four-leaf clover.
All religious beliefs and practices may be considered superstition by unbelievers
But another poll showed that traditional Christians are about four times less likely than agnostics/atheists to believe in astrology, pseudo science and “luck”.
Belief in superstition seems to have little to do with intelligence or status. President Franklin D Roosevelt refused to sit at a table with thirteen guests, President Woodrow Wilson believed that 13 was his lucky number. Indeed, on one occasion, Wilson ordered a ship to slow down – so that he could arrive in Europe on the 13th of the month.
Famed tenor Enrico Caruso’s life was ruled by superstitions. He refused to travel on Fridays and insisted on slipping a coin into his right-hand pocket before donning a new suit.
Although he smoked up to 60 cigarettes a day, he was convinced that he could protect his health by keeping a dried anchovy suspended over his chest, hanging from a necklace
And many avoid walking under ladders because it is “bad luck” and hold their breath when driving by cemeteries.
The New Age movement carries the silliness to extremes. It teaches that crystals have all kinds of powers when, in reality, they are only pretty paperweights.
Jesus recognized that superstition was all about ignorance and fear.
The religious leaders at Jesus’ time had an immensely complicated system of rituals before meals and even before prayers. Jesus encountered the superstitious and said “Don’t be afraid”.
A belief in superstitions gives people an illusion of control in an uncertain world.
True faith is not about bringing you luck. It is about sharing in the loving relationship that exists between God and his creation. It requires an open mind.
It involves trust but also evidence; it is not, like superstition, blind faith. It is objective faith – the most centered act of the human mind.
Superstition, unlike faith, has no substantial basis; nor are its conclusions reached by logical deductions.
True faith is not the basis of the religion of fear, to protect people from the nightmares of existence, but to awaken people to their greatest dreams. 


11 thoughts on “It’s bad luck to be superstitious

  1. Very nice post and I agree. My sister is Wiccan. I don’t condemn her for her beliefs but I don’t let her push her views on my family or I either. She preaches the “three fold” logic and how certain things can come back to haunt you. I tried explaining to her that she is reflecting her own actions on to herself so it is a never ending cycle. I don’t believe in three fold at all. I just think whatever happens in life, that is the way it was meant to be.


  2. Superstition is easily incorporated into religion. The Russian communists recognised the very superstitious nature of many there and intrying to weed it out couldn’t separate it from the churches until some time had passed for a separation to happen.

    I was recently at a Greek Orthodox baptism of two toddlers. At the entrance to the church, facing the world, an exorcism was firstly performed on these two children, including spitting from the doorway towards the devil. To me this seemed rank superstition, but to others just true faith. Where can you draw a line?


      • If you spill salt, Mon, you can throw some of it over your left shoulder. It gets the devil in the eye. 🙂


      • 😆
        Can you imagine living with a very superstitious person Strewth? It would be like living with a person who suffered from OCD.


  3. It’s bad luck to be superstitious .
    Must be your “Lucky Day”
    The Worshiping and desire of “GOLD ” is excluded .
    Just look at how adorned many Religious items are “GOLD ” .
    They could all me made of chalk even better being so .
    Nice and soft in the hands and not that heavy either .
    Also the security would be far less .
    After all E =MC 2 clearly proves there it zero difference between all matter and energy.


  4. It’s bad luck to be superstitious
    Well if you comprehend that the entire universe has but one thing filling it .
    For all matter and energy are one .
    Everything that “IS ” is one .
    And you can “TRY” to comprehend that the incredible size of this void we call universe that progresses downward in scale as much as it goes up in scale.
    This view would illustrate just how futile to restrict it to man made concept of “LUCKY” .

    As a person viewing the “everything” to be informed I am “FOUR “times more likely to be following the remnants of long ago religions is basically a bloody insult .
    Have not realized Bryan that some how everyone of your studies makes christians above everyone else and more importantly at a cost usualy a vauge insult to people such as myself .


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