Another crime against humanity


IRAQ’S Christians are begging the world for help. Is anybody listening?

Since capturing the country’s second largest city of Mosul in early June, the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, has ordered Christians to convert to Islam, pay taxes levied on non-Muslims, or die. The extremist Sunni group is also persecuting and murdering Turkmen and Shabaks, both Muslim religious minorities.

Human rights lawyer Nina Shea said: “(The Islamic State) took the Christians’ houses, took the cars they were driving to leave. They took all their money. One old woman had her life savings of $40,000, and she said, ‘Can I please have 100 dollars?’, and they said no. They took wedding rings off fingers, chopping off fingers if they couldn’t get the ring off.”
We now have 5,000 destitute, homeless people with no future,” Shea said. “This is a crime against humanity.”

University of Mosul professor Mahmoud Al ‘Asali, a Muslim, bravely spoke out against the Islamic State’s purging of Christians and was executed
Reports have emerged that some of the thousands of Christians expelled from Mosul have died while trying to escape.

Islamic State militants gave the Christians until July 18 to convert to Islam, pay a special tax, leave, or, in the words of a statement by the extremists, they would have “nothing but the sword”.

Then on July 18 they changed their mind. All Christians were told by loudspeaker that they all had to leave by the next day – or be killed.

They spray-painted the doors of Christian homes with a red Arabic letter ‘N’, which stands for ‘Nassarah’, meaning Christian.
Before the 2003 US invasion, more than 1 million Christians lived in Iraq, including more than 600,000 in Baghdad and 60,000 in Mosul, as well as a substantial number in the cities of Kirkuk and Basra.



4 thoughts on “Another crime against humanity

  1. Reblogged this on Essential Thinking and commented:
    Aside from changing my facebook and twitter profile picture to the arabic letter ‘N’ in solidarity, what can I do? I can pray, for sure, but prayer often leads to an increased desire to act, and I can’t see how to act… so my prayer will be this- help me God to know what to do, and to have the strength to do it. Be with the suffering in Mosul, those who are Christians and other minorities that are being persecuted. Be in the hearts of those who are causing suffering- be at work healing them, bringing dreams of peace and grace, speaking into their lives through your Holy Spirit, and be sovereign in this place, bringing a vision of peace and just reconciliation to the community of Mosul and the country of Iraq. Amen.
    And now I think an email to my MP is the next step.


  2. It seems all the freedoms the world has ever fought for and gained are never to be taken for granted, but keep getting eroded, often savagely. They are never won, but have to be fought for over and over again.

    I still stand by there being a better way than violence in such a fight. Love may not be a weapon of instant success, but I think must be a more long lasting one.

    I know sometimes it takes generations, until the damage to people’s minds, inflicted by violence, disappears. How much damage has been done to the minds of these present day perpetrators? More violence, more generations affected.

    Leaves me feeling very down.

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