A lesson in hatred


AMERICAN journalist Elizabeth Rubin discovered the true nature of hate when she spent two days with a Palestinian family in a West Bank refugee camp.
She interviewed a 13-year-old girl whose father had been killed by Israeli bombs.
The girl, who never smiled, told Rubin that her father wanted her to be a doctor. She said she would prefer to study nuclear physics so she could blow up her enemies.
Another girl at the camp, even younger, clutched a thick handful of what looked liked baseball or football cards. Rubin looked more closely and discovered they were photos not of sports stars but Palestinian suicide bombers.
The there’s a revealing short film shot at an Israeli army museum, that features a range of kids including one who says, “I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy”.
These things are common when barbarism and hate are taught at a young age.
No wonder history has a tendency to repeat itself.


46 thoughts on “A lesson in hatred

      • tsk tsk tsk…..
        Are you gainsaying god’s right to ‘Move in mysterious ways’?

        But talk’s cheap. Your mantra. (“there is wrong on both sides.”) can equally (and equally pointlessly) be applied to ‘justify’ the so-called ‘holocaust’.
        Remember there was a jewish resistance which killed germans when they could.
        Heres a challenge to you:- differentiate the rationalisation and slaughter in the Warsaw ghetto ~ in ANY significant way ~ from the rationalisation and slaughter regularly conducted in the Gaza ghetto?

        ….and no doubt Geurnica, Rotterdam, Dresden, (and let’s not forget Hiroshima) etc. etc. all got what they deserved, since, naturally, “there was wrong on both sides”.

        How dare you accuse anyone else of copping out!


  1. I really fear that even with the hoped for “Two State Solution”, the bad blood between them will still go on; that there will never be peace in their hearts.

    Is the wound past healing? God, I hope not! My heart goes out to them, the Palestinians, and the Jews.


    • e Holy Bible are mutually exclusive documents.
      The Talmud and the New Testament are mutually exclusive documents.
      Monica. Nice sentiments are nice sentiments.
      There is an academic problem Bryan and yourself and most progressive liberals just never acknowledge.
      The Koran and th
      All three could be wrong but not all three can be right.
      If the Koran and Tulmud represent Satan’s better laid plans then lies will do what lies do: bring death. Like gravity lies lead to death. Jesus said, father of lies.

      The Jesus of Christians is not the Jesus Muhammadens talk about. Impossible. Hence, a hundred more years of nice ‘faithworks’ sentiments will amount to a metaphorical tin of beans. Tolerance is a state of denial when lies really want the podium to themselves.


      • Thanks Phillip George,

        I agree with you in principle. This is my prayer—“Sanctify us in the truth; Your word is truth.”

        I also agree with Bryan, that without love the truth becomes a weapon that bludgeons to death.


      • Actually, ‘love’ kills many more people, and creates much more misery, that
        ‘truth’ could even envisage. It’s even responsible for the death of god(s).
        Do the arithmetic.
        ….and then consider ending the insanity by doing things differently.


      • Dabbles, Do you know when you use a ficticious email address the system marks the post as suspect and won’t automatically publish it?.

        Not a fan of love then? You must have been pretty hurt in the past. I feel sorry for you.


      • Well….that:- (“Dabbles, Do you know when you use a ficticious”) could explain where they (quite a few) are going.
        But others get through, and yet others with the correct address, don’t .
        Didn’t know whether to blame you or god for running interference.
        and also explains why ~ after appearing/waiting for moderation ~ they disappear.
        …and occasionally get posted later.

        It’s a common problem with me. I spent many years getting ~ and staying ~ out of ‘the system’ that now, when I sometimes can’t do what I want to do, it becomes very difficult to ‘dip back in’.

        I always knew Big Brother would eventually close all the loopholes, but I never expected to live as long as I have.


      • …..as for the ‘love’ thing:- I have no problems with it other than I see nowhere that it does ~ or can ~ exist. And while making up a fantasy-world is not harmful in some circumstances, it wastes a lot of time and resources that could be spent much more usefully…and satisfyingly.

        Killing children for ‘love of my country’, or ‘god’s love for my people’??
        Wasting what I’m ‘worth’ for ‘love’ of mankind??
        Not for me.

        But there’s no need to ‘feel sorry’; I get much more of what you might call love ~ except for your ‘conventional’ restrictions ~ than you probably do…or could even imagine. And it’s usually not as a sort of reward handed to me by some outside agency as part of a ‘deal’. It just sort of self-generates as a result of me being what I am and doing what I can’t not do…..and it’s permanent, accumulatively.

        The last few days provided just that on several levels; and I’m weary as, with a much-lightened wallet……. but an even more-lightened ‘heart’.

        It wouldn’t be hard for me to feel sorry for those who never can (or probably want to) have that experience.
        But ‘each to their own’ as a devout anarchist might say.


      • Yeahbut —-> “You could try using legitimate addresses. That might help.”
        I keep remembering that’s what they told the jews in the german census of 1935.
        ….and seem to remember that’s what they told potential conscriptees back in the ’60s…. 😉
        …and –>


      • Bryan,
        I know vaguely what you are trying to say, but your sentence as a common truism repeated within Christianity, doesnt make sense either grammatically or within the meaning of the words. If I utilize the name Jesus whenever I intend my utterance to mean the word Love, then I’ll be talking nonsense. Similarly, if I substitute the word Love when I’m meaning to refer to Jesus, it will similarly be impossible to understand.

        “Jesus is love”.

        Please translate it into a phrase that will pass scrutiny. As it is, the sentence is just clumsy Christian jargon.


    • The Two State Solution seems unworkable. Many commentators such as MJ Rosenberg and Robert Grenier have suggested that the only alternative solution is the “one state bi-national solution” . Article from 2010.

      Rosenberg writes:

      “The alternative, looming just beyond the horizon, is the so-called one state – or binational – solution in which Israelis and Palestinians share all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. How can it be more obvious?”.

      Grenier’s pessimism in achieving the two state solution is succinctly expressed as follows:

      “That the Israelis and Palestinians could reach agreement on a comprehensive two-state settlement under the current circumstances is hard to imagine. That they could actually implement such an agreement is impossible.”

      Grenier’s only alternative is also the one-state bi-national solution as he continues:

      “The fact of the matter, however, is that the idea of a two-state solution in Palestine is finished. Israeli settlements in the West Bank and their attendant infrastructure have made a viable and independent Palestinian state impossible. The settlements, moreover, cannot be undone. Their existence obviates the need for formal Israeli annexation: The de-facto annexation of the West Bank has already taken place. The only remaining solution is a single, unified, bi-national state.”

      There is however another far more practical and readily achievable alternative solution to that suggested by Rosenberg and Grenier.

      That solution involves the division of sovereignty of the West Bank between Israel and Jordan.

      Separation of Arabs and Jews in Palestine – as far as is possible – has been the policy that has guided international diplomacy in the region since 1920. It has been sponsored by the League of Nations, the United Nations and several Commissions of Inquiry. It remains the policy currently favoured and supported by America, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations.

      Although Jordan and Israel have fought several wars following the War of Independence in 1948 they have enjoyed a signed and sealed peace treaty between their respective states since 1994 – which has withstood many political and diplomatic pressures that could have heralded its demise.

      Jordan indeed fits the Hilary Clinton mould of Israel “living peacefully with a neighbor who has the same aspirations for normal life.”

      Presently stuck between their two respective States is the West Bank with a population of 2 million Arabs and 500000 Jews – whose territorial sovereignty remains undetermined.



      • From the same 2010 article

        “Division of that sovereignty between Israel and Jordan resonates as a just and fair solution for the following reasons:

        It will restore Jordanian governance to the major part of the West Bank as existed from 1950 up to its loss to Israel in the Six Day War in 1967.
        It will bring the overwhelming majority of its 2 million West Bank Arabs under Jordanian protection, free them from Israeli control and restore the freedom of movement and citizenship rights enjoyed by them between 1948 – 1967
        Not one Jew or Arab will have to leave his present home or business in the West Bank
        Issues presently seen as contentious such as water, refugees and Jerusalem have already been identified and proposed solutions flagged in the 1994 Treaty.
        Drawing the new international boundary between Israel and Jordan to end sovereignty claims by Jews and Arabs in the West Bank should be capable of being achieved within three months.
        There will be a dramatic and immediate change in the current status quo which most agree is dangerous and untenable
        Jordan is the only Arab partner that can honour and enforce any agreement on the West Bank that Israel is prepared to sign.
        It will finalize the allocation of sovereignty of former Palestine between the two successor States to the Mandate for Palestine.

        Jordan cannot be allowed to simply reject such an alternative out of hand and seek to walk away from the looming conflict that must inevitably fill the void after the collapse of the two-state solution.

        Jordan has been part of the problem surrounding the issue of sovereignty in the West Bank since 1920. It now is time for Jordan to step up to the plate and take responsibility for being part of the solution in 2010.”


        Not a magic wand – there would be many troubles ahead, but perhaps there would be a spark of optimism?


      • There’s an even better option, Strewth ~ as I tried to point out in a couple of banned posts.

        While it’s obvious “The Two State Solution seems unworkable.”, an “alternative solution is the “one state bi-national solution” ” is equally unworkable.

        ANYWHERE you create divisions you create ~ definitively ~ teams, rivalry.*
        Next thing required will be official (and officially-enforced) bi-cultural divisions, since jews and palestinians have different different tribal backgrounds/’cultures’. And ‘multi-culturalism’ has NEVER succeeded, anywhere, anytime.
        The only real (if possible) alternative is to do away ~ by whatever means are necessary ~ ANY such divisions. The israelis wouldn’t wear that for all the obvious reasons (why compromise when you have overwhelming fire-power?)
        Integration (if it were possible) would mean the end of judaism: the success of the Final Solution without a shot being fired.
        It’s what israel and international jewry fears more than the (inevitable) acquisition of small nukes by groups like hamas. Two or three suitcase-nukes strategically placed would render the whole region uninhabitable for 1000 years.
        That just means the fight will continue in the streets of NY, Melbourne, Cairo, ……….and where-ever exclusive/racist ~ apartheid in any terms ~ tribalism is allowed to exist.

        …….And no doubt “there will be wrong on both sides.” ~ as irrelevantly as ever.
        Then what??
        Yet another ‘Balfour Declaration’??

        *eg… have a look at all the terror, murder and misery caused by all the well-meaning but stupid ‘imposed’ apartheid ‘solutions’ of just recent times- even just starting with all the map re-aligning after WWI: including about 20 variations AND re-variations in that middle-eastern area, including the creation of countries where non had ever existed before:
        Korea/Vietnam/Germany/ Cuba/ the Cold-War ‘Blocs’ The Former Yugoslavia, etc etc etc..
        And it was that very sort of ‘re-mapping’ that directly brought on WWI, which directly sponsored WWII.
        …and will probably be directly responsible for WWIII.

        Unless god returns first!!
        …and destroys the whole world according to his own Samson Plan! 😦


      • That wouldn’t work either.
        All you’d be doing is setting up a conflict between them and those who reject
        ‘compassionate heart-ism.’
        If your kid is burning the house down do you explain the concept of Compassionate Chemistry or ‘The Loving Art of Reactionary House-Re-construction’ to him?
        …….or do you chuck a bucket of cold water on him and take the matches away from him?

        The human species is half a million years old, and all we’ve as yet figured out is how to get it wrong.
        You’d almost think we’re natural-born masochists doing it on purpose.
        ….and ‘both sides being wrong’ is the goal to be aimed for.

        Fair dinkum!


      • I am sad that someone can be so bitter and twisted. I pray that Dabbles can somehow find some peace and love in his life..


    • Sorry Mon….
      “the wound” IS past healing.
      Y’can’t clear an infection by applying shit to it.
      ….no matter how ‘lovingly’ or ‘compassionately’.
      Jesus made it clear that not even he could cure the unrepentant.

      The ‘First-Cause’ needs to be excised before anything else is possible.


      • There are multinational areas here in Australia which are doing very well, and benefiting our whole community. There is hope for the future.

        I would rather live as an optomist even if I died mistaken, thah live as a cynic even if I died proven right.


      • ????? Where ARE these areas Strewth??
        The best option Australia ~ one which much well be held up as an example ~ is the way we’ve dealt with out blackfellas. —->

        Genuinely make absolute integration available, but provide a back door for those who don’t WANT to be integrated: tribal land-rights.

        Not perfect, but about as good as it can get given all the circumstances.


      • For a start,Dabs, my doctor is a lovely Indian lady. Her colleagues in the same practice are Pakistani, Chinese, and Malaysian – not one Australian born.

        Here we also enjoy multicultural club social meetings, talks, dinners, etc. You could look around for some.


      • By JoAnne Viviano The Columbus Dispatch • Friday July 18, 2014 7:54 AM

        Alka Ahuja and her husband, Rajiv, had driven by the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Hilliard many times, often wondering what went on inside the walls of the massive structure.

        This week, they found out.

        The Hilliard couple, Hindus originally from India, attended the center’s Experiencing Ramadan event on Wednesday. The interfaith gathering introduced non-Muslims to Islam and Ramadan, a 30-day period of reflection during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

        “We felt there was so much hunger and demand on people’s part to learn about religious diversity as well as cultural diversity,” said Imran Malik, chairman of the board of the American Islamic Waqf, which oversees the center. “The more we know about each other, the safer, more-secure communities we can build together.”

        Participants in the event received a brief overview of Islam, toured the center and watched evening prayers. They then were treated to a daily fast-breaking meal, also called an iftar, dining on dates, meats, rice, hummus, salad and baklava.

        Youngsters who attend the mosque offered their own perspectives, telling the guests some of the foods used to break the fast in areas such as Somalia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. The children spoke of family time, gathering at the mosque for late prayers, meals and fun, and waking before sunrise to eat.

        One boy said the early meal is his favorite part of Ramadan, and his favorite food is scrambled eggs and pancakes.

        “Thank God that IHOP’s open at 3 a.m.,” he quipped to laughter.

        Among the guests was Collette Tucker of Dublin, who said she recently realized that she was taking her questions about Islam to her 11-year-old daughter, whose best friend is Muslim.

        “I’d never experienced anything Muslim,” said Tucker, who attended with daughter Cameron and her 13-year-old son, Calvin. “I thought it was awesome. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.”

        Malik said the center used to host a community meal annually but hadn’t in recent years because the dates of Ramadan are based on a lunar calendar and sunset times were late. The idea was reignited by the Safe Alliance of Interfaith Leaders, a group that seeks to increase cross-faith understanding in the Hilliard and Dublin areas.

        More than 300 people responded to the invitation from Noor, where leaders are considering other ways to host interfaith gatherings throughout the year.

        Christina Butler, president of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, said such events foster understanding.

        “They bring a diverse group of people together for an evening of talking and sharing and certainly eating,” she said. “So it’s just another time to be with each other as human beings in a joyful atmosphere of celebration and sharing and learning about one another.”

        Much like periods of fasting in Christian and Jewish traditions, Ramadan allows participants to experience how the needy might feel when they must live without food, water, shelter and clothing, Malik said. The observance ends with the Eid al-Fitr holiday, expected this year at sundown on July 28.

        “The idea is you practice this on your own self for 30 days in a state of worship and individual form, and then take it to the next level and build the outreach, build the servicing of the community,” he said. “That is the actual essence of Ramadan.”

        The Ahujas said they were intrigued enough by the event that they will consider returning to the center for an Islam 101 course.

        “I didn’t know anything,” said Mrs. Ahuja, who was invited by a Muslim friend. “I think people need to know more about each other’s religions.”



      • All well and good, Strewth ~ even on a small scale.:- “my doctor is a lovely Indian lady.”
        But WHY do you know she’s indian…or paki or timbuktu-an. (Not ‘how’ but ‘why’?, if you get my drift.)
        My doctor is a jovial, competent and entirely oz-integrated ex-paki (not very long ago), and race is never an issue, nor hardly ever mentioned; he has no ‘sensibilities’ and neither do I. (Let alone any PC-ness.)

        The point is that in a genuinely-integrated relationship pussy-footing around or ‘respecting’ other nationalities/races/whatever shouldn’t even come to mind. If nothing else it creates unnecessary divisions.

        But sometimes they do. He’s one of those very dark-skinned pakis and was slim and trim when I first met him. More recently he’s piled on much weight (all the while admonishing me for being overweight!) so recently I told that he was getting so fat that his skin was getting lighter from being stretched so much.
        Our laughter was so loud that a nurse hurried in to make sure all was well, and the entire waiting-room sat there startled.

        On a person-to-person basis there’s hardly ever a ’cause’ for conflict.
        It’s when ethnicity/nationalism/religion and other divisions (ALL of them artificial and virtually NONE of them significant) are introduced (even with good intent) that the shit flies.

        ….and then there’s Sex!…….

        I’d give up atheism ~ for cause ~ if someone came up with the doctrine that god was Satan’s alter-ego!

        ………that’d even explain censorship, wouldn’t it? 🙂



      • Dabbles/Doris…..I’ll assume you’re not being deliberately offensive, just ignorant.
        The word Paki has all sorts of racist connotations, it has been used to degrade and humiliate those of Asian descent for many years. Paki acquired offensive connotations in the 1960s when used by British tabloids to refer to subjects of former colony states in a derogatory and racist manner. In modern usage “Paki” is typically a derogatory label used for all South Asians, including Indians, Afghans and Bangladeshis.


      • I’m being neither offensive nor ignorant.
        But YOU are.
        NO ‘word’ is offensive ~ it’s the people, usually bigots and hypocrites and synthetic Politically-Correct automatons who use them offensively, and attribute their own failings to others, that insist on seeing ‘offense’ where none lies, and in the process CREATE offense. As in the way you throw around the term ‘antisemitic’ indiscriminately and intentionally derogatively.

        What makes you think you’re qualified to lecture anybody on what’s what in terms of language, perception or anything else?
        If I say a jewish baby-killer (while he’s deliberately bombing a hospital) is a misbred mongrel it’s only the guilty that would be offended. But you censor a serious comment on the basis of it being offensively antisemitic ~ which by implication paints ALL jews with the same brush.

        And when I say christians who support the indiscriminately-murderous israeli bombardment of the packed and defenceless Gaza Strip ~ and IN FACT murder children in their hospital beds (it was reported on all newschannels!) ought to be ashamed of themselves for the grossest hypocrisy ~ since Jesus would NOT approve regardless of ANY alleged ‘reasons’ ~ it’s only those christians who are guilty. And if THEY take offense at their own guilt that’s their problem.

        But what do we get from those would-be christians? ‘How terrible! But there IS wrong on both sides.’
        You’re comparing a black eye with Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and mass-murder. Real christians would be out in the streets in their millions, protesting from the pulpits and demanding that the israeli war-machine be stopped in its tracks ~ by whatever means necessary ….and the perpetrators arrested, tried and executed. Saddam and Milosovich and binLaden, etc. committed nowhere near the atrocities that Netanyahu and his gang has…time and again.

        I’ll quote one of your favourites:- “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing”.

        …..and assert that in re. the jewish storm-troopers and murder-squads in Gaza ~ and Palestine generally ~ I’ve yet to see a single ‘good’ christian.
        ….. with the full expectation that Jesus would agree with me:-
        ‘Oh you hypocrites and vipers!’

        I say that not from “ignorance”! And if you take “offense” at my words, you’re welcome.
        For once you’ve grasped what I’ve said.

        And I think that’ll be enough from me. I find bigotry and hypocrisy as offensive and oppressive as censorship.


      • You miss the point mate. All I’ve done is ask you repeatedly not to be racist or offensive. Yet you have smeared gay people, Jews, Christians and God – which MOST people would find offensive. And you complain because I don’t post bigoted comments? What you say is often worthwhile yet you so often put it in a way that I just can’t post – for both legal and taste reasons. I sometimes feel that part of your anarchist persona is to tear down everything – including this blog. That has puzzled and saddened me greatly. Nevertheless I do have a great affection for you Michael. I think you’re a good man with a very large chip on your shoulder that probably comes from a sad life experience. I wish you well.


      • Dear Doris,

        What are you playing at? You ask me “But WHY do you know she’s indian…or paki or timbuktu-an. (Not ‘how’ but ‘why’?, if you get my drift.)” Then you go on to explain how you knew your doctor’s ethnicity. No ‘why’ for you, yet you presume one for me?

        It really doesn’t become you to try so hard to be smart, Doris. Your talents would shine through on their own if you could just relax.

        Oh! I would be wrong to presume a bottle is involved?


      • Dabbles conveniently ignores the fact that Hamas killed off the opposition parties by throwing them off roof tops. When the leaders of Hamas called for the killing of every Jew on the planet. When they allied with Iran who torture and hang gays. Did he get upset watching Hamas run children shows that glorify killing Jews and praise suicide bombing.
        Has he commented about Hamas firing their rockets from civilian areas like schools etc…
        Did he comment about the Hamas constitution that calls for the elimination of Israel and all it’s citizens .
        Did he comment about the 200,000 or more people murdered by Assad or the crimes being committed by ISIS. They now have stated that all Christians must convert or be killed by the sword. They have also made it mandatory that all woman must be circumcised.
        That’s only the tip of the Iceberg of what Hamas and their allies are doing, but he’s upset that the only democracy in the Middle East is defending itself from ongoing attacks.
        There would be no fighting if Hamas stopped launching rockets at Israel. Hundreds of rockets every day.


  2. Bryan have you ever asked yourself why after twenty thousand years and more why man has not improved.
    Just maybe you could pause your personal goal and look outside religion,belief and even faith.


    • In the school of life the environment might change, teaching methods change, understandings change, but we still have to go through the same learning process. Lessons may seem hard at times, and we need to make them easier for others where we can. Most times we may not even knowwhat we’re learning, it all seems useless, only God knows.


      • Strewth what you really are saying is your copping out on the future generations.
        And your definitely not concerned about those of the distant past .
        The attitude of I have troubles so why should I be concerned about others having the same.
        It is all down to self and the assumption this is a test for all to bare.
        You “believe” you have passed and way bother making it easier for others .

        Failing to grasp that way of thinking has been going on way more than ten times the age of your religion.


      • Pinker says that death caused by violence as a percentage of all deaths has declined dramatically over the centuries. Tribal warfare was nine times as deadly as war and genocide in the 20th century. Similarly, the murder rate of medieval Europe was over 30 times what it is today.
        But it doesn’t seem so does it?


      • Sorry, AT, I can’t follow your thinking. My concept is we are all learning individual things that we personally need, not that anyone is more advanced than another. I concede that could be so, but we can’t tell.

        We can’t say to someone learning eg dentistry that they are getting it all wrong and should be studying horticulture just because we are.


  3. A different attitude than Hamas etc.”Our response to this injustice will never be with violence, and we will never give up and leave.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “Since 1967, Israeli soldiers and ‘settlers’ in occupied Palestine have destroyed 800,000 olive trees in an attempt to force Palestinian farmers from their land, writes Megan Perry. ‘Our response to this injustice will never be with violence, and we will never give up and leave.’

    Olive trees in the Holy Land are a renowned symbol of peace. Known as blessed trees, they are a lifeline for Palestinian subsistence farmers, providing for around 100,000 families.”


    Legal note: Article 54 of the 1977 Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, which prohibits the”starvation of civilians as a method of warfare”, states:

    “It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as foodstuffs, agricultural areas for the production of foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies and irrigation works, for the specific purpose of denying them for their sustenance value to the civilian population or to the adverse Party, whatever the motive, whether in order to starve out civilians, to cause them to move away, or for any other motive.”


  4. Lets look at it from another angle !
    Humans spread out over the planet .
    And those locations put up challenges to those in those places .
    Some of those groups where in isolation for tens of thousands of years.
    Some had a contact with groups but kept within their territory a static tribe with similar static tribes around them .
    And then the rest where subjected to ongoing war s of increasing intensity and efficiency .

    Now with such different life,s over such a long time you would expect major changes between humans .
    And the group that was isolated the longest time should show the greater difference .
    Of course the environment would determine physical change .
    But mentally you can take any person and place them anywhere and their offspring will be at home in that location and adapt into that society .
    Even if their for bare where in isolation for thirty thousand years they will fit right in .
    Ergo they have not progressed thirty thousand years in being born there in a so called modern world
    The so called modern man has not changed “MENTALLY ” in thirty thousand years .
    Burke and Wills died within sight of people they “BELIEVED ” where savages.
    In fact they where just morons with the belief they knew the truth.


  5. I saw this clip recently of children being taught to hate Jews.

    If they are taught this from young, the conflict is never going to end.


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