Which came first?



6 thoughts on “Which came first?

  1. Again this header
    But you mis this aspect
    The basis of your belief is built upon the total misconception humans see everything perfectly .
    And can tell another person exactly what happen without adding,subtracting.distorting,implying upon what they believe they witnessed .
    The human brain is very susceptible to trickery and self distortions.on top of the very poor nature and short comings of our eyes a issue the “MAGICIANS have made a very good living for millennium .

    Religions are based upon story upon story etc all produced in a imperfect human brain .
    If you believe your brain does believe perfectly then you need to step back and do some serious wondering.
    Time to look at things from another perspective.
    Try this view :-
    When a person is talking to you think about their brain and that is really facing backwards .
    Then place the brain in a skull then add the jaw and all the other stuff that makes up the head .
    But don,t put the skin on.
    We you can do that you see more than “SKIN DEEP”


    • All life has a set task that is to survive .
      Everything else is just superficial.
      All of our abilities are only there to enable us to survive.
      A very few over a very long time have made many small changes that have accumulated to give us these times .
      But man has not really changed in the past twenty thousand years.
      The human brain is inadequate to judge what is real.
      Any brain that claims to know the truth has not realized it,s own fatal flaws that totally destroy any chance of a subjective non bias view .


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