Pope: Two Percent Of Priests Are Pedophiles

ABOUT two percent of Roman Catholic clerics are sexual abusers, an Italian newspaper quoted Pope Francis as saying, adding that the pontiff considered the crime “a leprosy in our house”.

But the Vatican issued a statement saying some parts of a long article in the left-leaning La Repubblica were not accurate, including one that quoted the pope as saying that there were cardinals among the abusers.

The article was a reconstruction of an hour-long conversation between the pope and the newspaper’s founder, Eugenio Scalfari, an atheist who has written about several past encounters with the pope.

“Many of my collaborators who fight with me (against pedophilia) reassure me with reliable statistics that say that the level of pedophilia in the Church is at about two percent,” Francis was quoted as saying.

“This data should hearten me but I have to tell you that it does not hearten me at all. In fact, I think that it is very grave,” he was quoted as saying.

The pope was quoted as saying that, while most pedophilia took place in family situations, “even we have this leprosy in our house”.

According to Church statistics for 2012, the latest available, there are about 414,000 Roman Catholic priests in the world.

The Vatican issued a statement noting Scalfari’s tradition of having long conversations with public figures without taking notes or taping them, and then reconstructing them from memory. Scalfari, 90, is one of Italy’s best known journalists.

While acknowledging that the conversation had taken place, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi issued a statement saying that not all the phrases could be attributed “with certainty” to the pope.

Lombardi said that, in particular, a quote attributed to the pope saying cardinals were among the sex abusers was not accurate and accused the paper of trying to “manipulate naive readers”.

Last week, the Argentine pope held his first meeting with victims of sexual abuse by priests.

He told them the Church should “weep and make reparation” for crimes that he said had taken on the dimensions of a sacrilegious cult. He vowed zero tolerance for abusers and said bishops would be held accountable if they covered up crimes by priests in their diocese.


6 thoughts on “Pope: Two Percent Of Priests Are Pedophiles

  1. What ?
    Did he send out a survey form with boxes to tick ?
    So what percentage are Homosexuals ?
    So what percentage go to brothels ?

    Or are those things worse than Pedophilia in the minds of some !


    • A very important point is why are all those clergy so afraid of informing everyone of their actions.
      What have they to fear ?
      And :-
      Looks the same as any other small group with the line “DO AS I SAY” not as I do


    • Hi Atheist thinking,
      Ah, considering the concept that one particular sin is worse than some other, reminds me that Catholic authorities a few years back were telling us that the use of Contraceptives is a much worse sin than is the practice of Incest. fascinating, aint it?


  2. It’s reasonable to suppose that 2% is in line with paedophiles in the community generally.

    But are we really expected to believe that newspapers “manipulate naive readers”.???
    The very thought sounds sacrilegious!


  3. “He vowed zero tolerance for abusers and said bishops would be held accountable if they covered up crimes by priests in their diocese. ”



    • I’ll wait until he starts sacking a few Bishops before I comment.

      He talks a good game though ya gotta give him that.


  4. 2%? So on those figures there are over 8000 pedophile priests!
    And those are only the ones that have been found out. How many there really are could be anyone’s guess.
    Maybe 2% of the population has been charged with drunk driving. I’ll bet 50% of the population could have been charged had they been breathalysed on the right occasion.
    I’m not suggesting that 50% of priests are pedophiles, but how would anyone know, if they have managed to keep it quiet?
    Priests are in the unique position of having trusted access to people of all ages, having heard admissions of sexual thoughts in the confessional, and being forced to be seen to be celibate. Those urges must come out somewhere, somehow, sometime.
    I read an account which stated that 70% of priests in a particular study had used the confessional in order to seduce members of the congregation. Indeed one of them even claimed that he’d had
    dealings with most of the women in his church. I find that difficult to believe but not as difficult as believing that someone rose from the dead.


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