Finding the clues

SPIRITUAL insights are deeply personal and often experienced in solitude. Brilliant truth sometimes comes in the darkest hours.
We are each divinely designed originals, not clones. Yet, for all of us, the walls between the seen and the unseen are paper thin.

Philip Yancy, in his book Rumours of Another World, investigated the natural world and found the supernatural “hiding in plain view’’.

He said: “I have come to understand faith as the highest form of integrated encounter. Faith puts together, assembles, re-orders, accepting the entire world as God’s handiwork.

“We live among clues, like rescuers sifting through pieces of stained glass shattered by a bomb, and only with a blueprint or some memory of original design can we begin to connect the shards, to assemble them into a pattern that makes sense of our world.

“Nature and supernature are not two separate worlds, but different expressions of the same reality.”


5 thoughts on “Finding the clues

  1. Not me! (“We live among clues, like rescuers sifting through pieces of stained glass shattered by a bomb”)
    I stay out of the war-zones, IN ‘The Real Thing’ and therefore don’t have to try building a picture that suits me from the debris.
    Not that The Real Thing always pleases me: but it IS what it is.


  2. “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

    ― Nikola Tesla


      • Perhaps he was talking about things, not specifically, but things like cognitive science applied to crowd behaviour. Any number of possibilities still in the field of science.


  3. Generally in order to prove a something only by circumstantial evidence the point in question must be more than a inference that can be drawn from the evidence. It must be the only inference that can be rationally drawn from the evidence in all the circumstances.

    Which is often where deductions of the supernatural from the natural fall short.


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