Nazi’s ‘Perfect Aryan’ Baby Was Actually Jewish


HESSY Taft was six months old when her mother brought her to Berlin photographer Hans Ballin to have her picture taken. World War II had yet to begin, but anti-Semitism and the marginalization of Jews was in full swing in Germany.

When little Hessy’s photo turned up on the cover of a prominent Nazi magazine, her mother feared the family would be exposed as Jewish and targeted.

Taft’s mother reportedly went back to the Ballin to ask how the image had ended up in the Nazi contest for “most beautiful Aryan baby,” to which he responded, “I wanted to make the Nazis ridiculous.”

The Tafts kept their young daughter hidden after the incident as her photograph was by now widely circulated on Nazi postcards, and they feared she would be recognized. The Nazis never learned her true Jewish identity.

Now almost 80 years later the little girl, Hessy Taft, is grown up and works as a Chemistry professor at the Catholic St. John’s University in New York City. In June she presented a copy of the Nazi magazine, baby photo and all, to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel and shared her story with the Shoah Foundation

“I can laugh about it now,” Taft said in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper. “But if the Nazis had known who I really was, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Taft narrowly escaped the Holocaust when the Gestapo arrested her father on tax charges. Luckily his accountant — a member of the Nazi party — came to his defense, and the family was able to flee to Latvia and later to France. When the Nazis captured Paris, the Tafts fled to Cuba with the help of the French resistance and finally settled in the United States in 1949.

On presenting her magazine cover to Yad Vashem these many years later, Taft said, “I feel a little revenge, something like satisfaction.”


7 thoughts on “Nazi’s ‘Perfect Aryan’ Baby Was Actually Jewish

  1. This reminds me of a film called “Leon the Pig Farmer” about a Jew that finds his ancestors were Gentile pig farmers.



    EXTRAORDINARY two-toned twins remind us of our common origin.

    It may be hard to believe that fair, blue-eyed Remee and dark, brown-eyed Kian are twins but the girls help answer a question that has troubled many people about the Bible.

    Some argue that one man and one woman at the beginning of creation could not account for the diversity of different skin colours and races in the world.

    Remee and Kian prove that it is simply a matter of genetics — with the right genes, all the different complexions can appear in one generation.

    Like the twins parents, Kyle Hodgson and Remie Horder, if Adam and Eve had a middle-brown complexion (of ‘medium’ melanin production) due to a mixture of “light” and “dark” genetic information, all the shades from the darkest through to the lightest could be accounted for in their children and future generations.

    The girls also confirm the Bible’s historical account in the book of Genesis that we have all descended from Adam and Eve, and Noah and his family too.

    It is worth remembering that although we may look different, we were all made in the image of God and should value and treat everyone with equal respect.


    • Yes. It’s fascinating to see (gorgeous girls). Obviously the mixed heritage comes into play.

      I’m always fascinated to see my fair, redheaded, blued-eyed great nephew playing with his quite black grandfather. If you were to do one of those mix and match who belongs together, you would never guess that they are full blood relations.

      It also fascinates me to see another great nephew who to me looks so much like my brother at his age, except Asian.

      If you notice, the black people who have lived in England for a while (and have not necessarily mixed with whites through the ages), are still quite a lot lighter skinned than certain Africans. I think it must be environment as well.


    • A problem with that idea is that our genes are a contemporary record of our ancestry.
      Adam and the Missus didn’t have any.
      (Neither is there a genetic code in ‘The Dust of the Earth’.


      • That’s no argument. There is no chip making code in the silicon in the sand, yet we have silicon chips which have been created to a certain code by someone.


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