Leaving the city

AFTER a messy divorce, a friend suffered through what she described as “a toxic dance of anger and deceit’’ and imagined she was trapped in a walled city.

One night, she had a dream in which she finally let go of the walled city and wandered in a desert. There she found a huge tent city with people dancing.

“It was a metaphor, ‘’ she said. “The world of forgiveness and understanding was outside the closed world in which I was living.

The unseen grace-filled world was where I found beauty, purpose, freedom, and faith.’’

She came to the conclusion that happiness has much to do with who we really are, with our capacity to be at peace with ourselves and others, and to feel some deeper connection to the transcendent


5 thoughts on “Leaving the city

  1. Presumably this —->.“The world of forgiveness and understanding was outside the closed world in which I was living. ”
    …refers as much to the Sectarian City as much as to the Secular City??

    Or are we playing the ‘Ignore-the -Beam-and-Notice-the-Splinter’ game again?
    (and notice how references to ‘faith’ and ‘transcendency’ (both entirely without foundation) are casually tacked to the end of the story’s substance in the hope that non-discerning readers won’t notice.
    tsktsktsktsk! Old Nick would agree that dishonesty in an asserted ‘good cause’ a legitimate strategy.


      • Not at all; Just enquiring about the ‘Terms and Conditions’ fineprint. 🙂
        For example, I’m not sure I’d want to be connected to the frenetic transcendency with which many of my hippie friends used to connect.
        No longer have the wind (mind?) for it these days.


    • I guess we can be trapped in a Secular City, by putting up our own walls. Fear of course is the reason, fear of having to face what’s beyond, meanwhile denying that fear, denying the possibility too of anything existing when we can’t see it.

      And yes we can be trapped ina Sectarian City for the same reasons, but there could be a difference. There may be a denied fear of other possibilities, or the fear might be acknowledged.

      Love defeats fear, but sometimes we don’t know how to clothe ourselves with it. Loving someone may not involve liking them even. Treating those you don’t likewith kindness and compassion is love too.

      If we put this on we can go outside our walls fearlessly, but not foolishly. We can be cautious without being fearful.


  2. Very true, we do need to escape the walls of our minds sometimes. We can trap ourselves in negative thought and fear.


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