Creationism Banned From UK Schools

THE United Kingdom government has banned the teaching of creationism as a scientific theory in state schools. The move was done in the interests of having a “broad and balanced curriculum,” according to UPI. The remarkable decision was part of a document that laid out new clauses for church academies and stated that creationism is not widely accepted as a scientific theory.

The clauses said that creationism:

is rejected by most mainstream churches and religious traditions, including the major providers of state funded schools such as the [Anglican] [Catholic] Churches, as well as the scientific community. It does not accord with the scientific consensus or the very large body of established scientific evidence; nor does it accurately and consistently employ the scientific method, and as such it should not be presented to pupils at the Academy as a scientific theory.

For the purposes of this document, creationism is defined as, “any doctrine or theory which holds that natural biological processes cannot account for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth and therefore rejects the scientific theory of evolution.”

Pavan Dhaliwal, head of public affairs for the British Humanist Association, told Politics UK, “Coupled with the fact that maintained schools must follow the national curriculum, which from September will include a module on evolution at the primary level, we believe that this means that the objectives of the campaign are largely met.”


19 thoughts on “Creationism Banned From UK Schools

  1. replaced by the metaphysical assertion of Darwinian Materialism.
    whoooooosh, over the top.
    Abiogenesis means they are intellectually, blind, naked, bankrupt; and they don’t know it.

    How the west lost to Jihad; and other self flagellation implosions


  2. What version of Creationism ??
    I have noticed there are many versions.
    As quick as science discovers something about the universe another version of Creationism pop,s up with another spin .
    One could say they proliferate and evolve so to speak .
    That is impossible !!
    The goal I would assume would be to weed out the absurd and achieve a ultimate truth .
    A the current rate those number of Creationism versions would match the number of beliefs .
    Aaah :- That,s the real problem !
    People not being carbon copies of the person who knows the real truth.
    Well you all must look in the mirror at this point for you already believe you know the real truth .


      • Don,t you see the irony of my point ??
        Everything thinking that has lived is living and will ever exist across the entire universe could put forward thoughts as to what,s outside this universe.
        And you are claiming your prepackaged religion is the holder of the “REAL TRUTH ”
        I am not making a claim to any as fact but purely as jokingly concept no matter how bizarre .
        I am not concerned about my on coming non existence and hoping for a
        escape .
        In fact the concept of sucking up to anything forever very unpleasant.
        Have you ever give thought how long forever is ?
        Imagine a ribbon of paper around the entire universe and a number penned on it .
        That number would be way past comprehension “YET” it still would not be a fraction of eternity !


      • But AT, surely nobody knows “the real truth”?

        “And you are claiming your prepackaged religion is the holder of the “REAL TRUTH ” ‘

        Prepackaged religion is certainly not ‘mine’, as you’d know if you read practically any of my posts, AT, and I can’t imagine it containing unadulterated truth.

        I accept that no-one knows the whole real truth, but your post sounded as though you were on to the ‘real’ one. 🙂


    • But the same goes for evolution. There are about a dozen theories of evolution floating around including Darwinian, Panspermia, Punctuated Equilibrium.


      • And still you don,t see the irony !!
        Science is consistent “EVOLVING ” and looking to see what theory matches the “FACTS ”
        Forcing the “EVOLUTION ” if more versions of Creationism !!
        Denying that what forces new version to be made “EVOLUTION”
        Are you stating that evolution does not exist ?
        As for Creationism why not have the Aborigine Dream Time as the only version to be told ?
        It is the oldest version “”still”” around and has as much validity as any Creationism spin of today
        There is one constant in all religions !
        What is it ??


      • There have been differing theories to explain gravity too. Should we object to that getting taught in school science classes ?


    • Strewth on June 27, 2014 at 23:11 said:

      But AT, surely nobody knows “the real truth”?

      “And “”you”” are claiming your prepackaged religion is the holder of the “REAL TRUTH ” ‘
      My reply :-
      No where have I claimed that .
      I am just stating that any view no matter how absurd is equal or better as those beliefs put by those trying to gain immortality

      I accept that no-one knows the “””whole real truth”””, but your post sounded as though you were on to the ‘real’ one.
      Funny how people read into clear cut statements there own words !
      And where did the “WHOLE REAL TRUTH ” come from ??
      By putting that word “WHOLE “infront of “Real Truth ” you are infering that you know the real truth .
      But hold on why don,t you say this “a incredible infiticimal millionth of the truth that your imperfect human brain can believe could be if there was a reward for it .
      That looks much better when put into perpective .


      • My apologies AT. I must have mistaken your meaning when you wrote “The goal I would assume would be to weed out the absurd and achieve a ultimate truth .”


  3. Well past time, too!
    By about 1000 years.

    ps, There’s nothing ‘metaphysical’ about Dawinisn, Flippy-dip.
    Everything is made up of ‘material’ ~ even bullshit.


    • demonstrate the quantization of language dip stickiness; in reproducible laboratory conditions no less. HA HA HA


      • See? You don’t even understand the problem. There’s nothing ‘reproducible’ about evolution.
        I’d have thought that you of all people would understand the…, ‘fundamentals’:- Shit Happens.

        (I’m assuming, here, that you are in fact a ‘people’. Do correct me if that assumption is incorrect.)


      • Do correct me……..

        not possible! Person would have to admit they don’t know.
        keep teasing the girls though.


  4. And yet in Australia somebody needs to take action in the High Court before the federal government will stop funding chaplains in schools.


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