YouTube To Remove Some Really Great Music In ‘A Matter Of Days’

YouTube just hit the big red button in its fight with musicians over streaming music.

Any artist who doesn’t want to join YouTube’s new ad-free music service will be scrubbed from the site entirely, the company said. The service, which will show you ad-free songs for a small fee, has been in the works for a while, but some artists are not happy with the financial arrangements YouTube is proposing.

YouTube’s head of content and business operations told the Financial Times that artists who aren’t happy with the new rules, including Adele, the Arctic Monkeys and Jack White, will be blacklisted from YouTube in “a matter of days.”

The Arctic Monkeys were one of the first bands to gain fame through the Internet.
Google plans to begin testing ad-free YouTube among Google employees in the coming weeks.

The new streaming music service will help musicians make even more money off of YouTube, the company told The Huffington Post in a statement. However, YouTube hasn’t publicly disclosed the terms of the deals surrounding the new service. The website is already the world’s largest online streamer of music.

Of all the music labels that have previously signed deals with YouTube to share ad revenue, only 5 percent of them have not yet signed up for the new service, a YouTube spokesperson told the Huffington Post.

Making matters even more confusing, different artists sign to different labels in different countries. And that means that a musician’s work might soon be available in one country but not another, a YouTube spokesperson told HuffPost.


6 thoughts on “YouTube To Remove Some Really Great Music In ‘A Matter Of Days’

      • It’s been a while! There’re new kids on the block!

        …..BUT …I’d quite forgotten about it; and just yesterday Google (since I use gmail) decided to regurgitate all my previous internet ‘connections’ (including strangers from whom I’d received junkmail several years ago, comments I’d left on YouTube and els3where YEARS AGO, etc., in a effort to herd me into their social-pages setup, which I’ve so far more or less successfully avoided.

        Fair dinkum, North Korea is starting to look like a refuge from the International Police State!
        It worries me!…Nearly as much as the vast numbers of IDIOTS who either don’t know or don’t care about what’s going on ~ and even identify themselves entirely by their internet ‘persona’.
        A while ago there was a 40-year-old news-article posted about me, of which even the police databanks no longer have a record.
        Scary shit!
        Anybody who’s not paranoid hasn’t got a clue about what’s going on, as somebody or other (anonymously?!) said.


  1. Confusing. While we have a capitalist economy, I believe artists should get remuneration for their work. I am happy with free enterprise if it doesn’t lead to greed and giant coorporations, but I still envisage a world where beauty can be free to all, as we are finding on youtube at present.


  2. Most corporations have no morals or ethics, so for an artist to use them to further their career brings them down to their level. U-Tube is free. I intend to make use of it, and I’d rather pay them a fee than corporate sponsorship. I speak from experience. In the end they think they own you and can cause an artist more grief than it’s worth. Of course, if you’re just in it for the money …. anything goes ….

    Having more money doesn’t make you perform any better.

    U-Tube is not removing the music…. the music is choosing to remove itself from U-Tube.


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