Taliban changing from religious group to criminal enterprise

THE Taliban’s reliance on extortion and kidnappings, along with narcotics and illegal mining operations, is transforming it from a group driven by religious ideology into a criminal enterprise hungry for profit, U.N. sanctions monitors said in a new report.

The latest annual report by the U.N. Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team on the Taliban was distributed to reporters a day before Afghans vote in a run-off presidential election.

“In addition to voluntary or forced donations from Afghan businesses outside the country as well as voluntary donations motivated by religious or ideological convictions, the Taliban have established a fairly sophisticated system to generate resources inside the country,” the report said.

“Increasingly Taliban finances also rely on abductions of wealthy businessmen for ransom.”

The report said executing civilians and aid workers helps the Taliban reassert their power, block security improvements and prevent economic development 13 years after it was ousted from power by a U.S. invasion. It also creates new funding sources for the Taliban, hardline Islamists bent on toppling the Afghan government.

“However, these activities increasingly change the character of parts of the movement from a group based on religiously couched ideology to a coalition of increasingly criminalized networks, guided by the profit motive,” the monitors said.

In Kandahar, the Taliban raise $7 million to $8 million a month from narcotics, extortion and mining, the report said.


5 thoughts on “Taliban changing from religious group to criminal enterprise

  1. hehehehehe… Can’t resist! :- “Taliban changing from religious group to criminal enterprise”
    How does one tell the difference?


  2. From what I can gather, Afghanistan under the jihadist Mujahideen, was not a nice place to live, with murder, rape, and other evils common. The strict Taliban control may have been welcome to many, despite its lack of ‘freedom’.

    Like many movements, political or religious, that start off idealistically, it doesn’t take long for the local culture to invade them and pervert them.


  3. Well, extortion and kidnappings are sanctioned in the Koran, along with pillage and rape. So what’s new?

    Islam is being successfully promoted in prisons throughout the world because of its appeal to the criminal mind. According to the Koran , the one sure way of getting into Paradise is to die “fighting for Allah” (i.e. killing believers i.e. anyone who isn’t your particular brand of Muslim).

    When you throw in a host of misogynistic beliefs like the ownership and control of women in virtually every way and the incitement to violence, is it really any wonder that angry, sexually deprived, dysfunctional men are drawn to it?

    After all, it’s highly likely that their own fathers were brutal tyrants in their own way. So Allah would be like coming home..


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