Christians in China fend off church demolition crew

DEMOLITION workers were forced to abandon attempts to strip a cross from a church in a city known as ‘China’s Jerusalem’ after angry Christians forced their way through a blockade of armed guards.

The scuffles broke out as security guards carrying black batons and riot shields tried to stop members of Wenzhou’s Guantou church from entering their place of worship to stop the cross’s removal.

The demolition team withdrew after congregants had retaken their church.

The failed cross removal is the latest development in a government-led demolition campaign in the eastern province of Zhejiang. Activists believe the initiative is a deliberate Communist Party attempt to rein in the explosive growth of Christianity, China’s fastest growing religion.

China is now on course to become ‘world’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years


15 thoughts on “Christians in China fend off church demolition crew

    • Hang on. Aren’t the secular Govt. with batons bullying their way into the Church?

      The Govt. just can’t take a little competition can it. All that banning of religion and all that propoganda about how the Govt. will care for you and these little people still somehow manage to divert their loyalties.


    • Don’t count your chinese-chickens…or is that peking duck?
      For god to do that he’d have to admit he made a mistake in creating ‘evil’, and he’s never done that.


      • Thats not what i meant. Evil happened because of Man’s pride that led them to disobey God’s command and ate the Forbidden Fruit. And the world is now so full of all forms of evil caused by us humans. He doesn’t act directly, but he does provide us humans with the willpower to face evil head on and stand up for what we believe in. That’s what he is doing with the Christians in China-they are facing persecutions by the government for their beliefs, just as the Bible said it would. Since China has such big influence on North Korea I hope to see that once Christianity prevails thus weakening the regime in China then North Korea will have no one to lean on and then their walls will begin to crumble and the long awaited reunification of the Korean Peninsula will finally come to fruition.


      • ISAIAH 45:7 (elsewhere)

        I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these [things]. … from the King James Bible Online (KJV Bible).

        God created Eve unable to resist temptation.
        Then he tempted her.
        Do the math.


      • God created everything including evil. This world is a test for us. Evil is part of the test. To put everything in perspective, keep in mind we are only on this world for a blink of an eye compared to the next.


      • Yes, Dom. We need the perspective. It’s hard to think of God creating evil when it’s what we have to fight against, but at least we should see a purpose for Him to allow evil.


      • Usually dabbles, the person who attacks, not the person who defends, is considered violent.


      • doesn’t it usually take two to tango?
        Cannot even ‘passive resistance’ be seen as mutual violence?
        In terms of the church demolition some might say the ‘security guards launched an attack on the church (though not for ‘atheistic’ purposes as Dom might be suggesting.

        Others might say the provocation was imposing the cross on the neighbourhood and thereby lowering property-values.

        I can imagine some cases where ‘passive-aggression’ could be seen as serious violence. People have died for less.

        Not an issue for me. just couldn’t line all the ducks up.


      • I heard from a Muslim (probably the same for Christians) if you say you are a Muslim you will not get a job.

        There are cash incentives to find Muslims so when his neighbours heard he was a Muslim, they would bring food over to his house during the fasting month and he had to eat it otherwise they will report him and he could lose your job or worse. At school they would spy on the kids and if they hear any of them are Muslim then watch out. Wonderful atheist country.


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