This song strikes a deadly chord


MANY KARAOKE bars in the Philippines removed the song My Way from their song lists after a series of killings over the past decade.

At least half a dozen people have allegedly been murdered after the singing of the Frank Sinatra tune at karaoke clubs.

One local claimed the My Way killings, as they are now known, occur because everyone knows the song and everyone has a strong opinion on how it should be sung. Those murdering the song can themselves be murdered. Killings have occurred after out-of-tune renditions were laughed at or jeered by drunken listeners.

And tuneful singers of My Way have been killed by jealous rivals.

Maybe part of the problem is the song itself. The brash egotism of lines such as “To say the things he truly feels/and not the words of one who kneels’’ and “the record shows, Itook the blows and did it my way’’ can sound arrogant when sung by anyone other than Sinatra. People who love the song can take it too seriously

Those who hate the song My Way have described it as narcissistic, bombastic, boastful and triumphalist

Sid Vicious did a fascinatingly awful putdown version of My Way. Sinatra fans detested the version. Vicious reportedly often bought a gun with him on stage when singing it live.

In a parody of the killings, the Japanese band Kishidan released as their 10th Anniversary single, an uptempo rock cover of “My Way”. The promotional music video consisted of the lead singer Ayonocozy Show (DJ Ozma) being shot numerous times while singing.

The song is basically a lie. It suggests that its best to be fatalistic and selfish about life because this is all there is. “For what is a man? What has he got? If not himself, then he has naught.’’ So the strong ones “chew it up and spit it out’’. Being an individual is what it’s all about.

That’’s ridiculous. It reminds me of that great Monty Python moment in Life of Brian where the multitude yells in unison “We are all individuals’’. And then one bloke at the back yells out “I’m not.’’

Videoke rage” is not just limited to My Way in the Philippines. “There have been several reported cases of singers being assaulted, shot or stabbed mid-performance, usually over how songs are sung,” according to a 2008 report in Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

In Malaysia in 2008, a man at a coffee shop hogged the karaoke microphone so long he was stabbed to death by other patrons In Thailand, a man was arrested on charges that he shot to death eight neighbors, one of whom was his brother-in-law, in a dispute stemming from several karaoke offerings, including repeated renditions of John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads.

In China, a fight occurred over the microphone in a karaoke parlor, and a man hacked two others to death with a meat cleaver.


7 thoughts on “This song strikes a deadly chord

  1. No it’s not:- “The song is basically a lie.”; of course “Being an individual is what it’s all about.”
    (or should be; the whole point of the Social-Engineering industry ~ including ‘elections’! ~ exists to squeeze individuals into a homogenous glop!.
    We’re born unfathomably alone~ not even the gods can accompany us on that journey ~ and we die the same way.

    Even Genesis holds that view. Adam and the missus were two different and separate entities; created so and treated so …and we’ll all be judged so, by You-Know-Who!
    Why would anyone even think that the bit in between can be (or should be ) any different?

    Only in the insect world is it ever any different. And they don’t have Free Will because of it.


    • Probably no-one else remembers, but the great Paul Robeson left a recording of ‘My Way’. But of course, it wasnt the one that Sinatra made famous. It is a bit more in the fashion of a spiritual song.

      I am a keen fan of the great man. Among my recording collections in LPs, and CDs, (as well as a couple of Videos) I have probably some 150 tracks of his wonderful voice. He was one particular influence when I was a kid, to come to the decision that ‘Black is Beautful.’ Wish to heaven I’d had the chance to see him in person. I have one associate who actually met him in England.

      Did you know that Robeson was the very first singer to sing at the Sydney Opera House? No, not in a particular performance. He actually visited the workmen on the site, while visiting Australia, and sang impromptu a couple of songs for them. One was the inevitable Ol Man River, and the other was the moving ‘protest song’ commemorating the tragic death of the United States Union leader, called ‘Ballad of Joe Hill’.



  2. In pre Muslim days, before I was daft, I sang “My Way” in front of the board of the Indonesian government mine I worked at. Sorry I can’t tell you any more. The memories are all suppressed. The people that heard would probably need hypnosis to remember it as well.


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