The flying cash

IN St Louis, a construction worker named Ray Leuthauser noticed an envelope sitting on the boot of a car driving in front of him. The envelope shot into the air. spilling out lots of cash.

Leuthauser gathered up more than $300 in cash, which was less than half what had originally been in the envelope.

He tracked down the driver, a 77-year-old volunteer for a charity caring for the homeless, to give her back the money he’d recovered. She was grateful but said she’d have to make up the difference in her own savings.

Leuthauser mentioned her story to his work mates on the construction site. They immediately passed around a hard hat and filled it with more than enough money needed to make up the difference.

Jesus, who practiced compassion, knew it wasn’t always easy to do. But he called on us to leave our comfort zones to help the helpless, the broken and the oppressed. He said it was the best way to live


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