One of the best timelapse videos you’ll ever see

A cameraman took a trip to El Teide, one of Spain’s highest mountains, to watch the stars and film the Milky Way galaxy. What he was able to capture over eight days is absolutely breathtaking.


18 thoughts on “One of the best timelapse videos you’ll ever see

  1. Beautiful! The music too.

    Ps. 8:3-4 When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon, and the stars, which you have set in place. What is man that you are mindful of him?

    Romans 11:36 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever! Amen.

    “God of wonders beyond our galaxy, You are holy, holy.
    The Universe declares your Majesty, You are holy, holy.”

    But I consider the greatest mystery, miracle, wonder of all, is that the God of the Universe has chosen to have a personal relationship with me (mankind). How much must He love us!


      • Hi Mon. (did you leave your phone off the hook ~ or is it just the distance thing.

        As for why “the God of the Universe has chosen to have a personal relationship with me”, I’d suggest the track-record shows it’s probably same reason why cats strike up a relationship with mousekind.

        D’you think? 🙂


      • Dabs, just to let you know….. an email I sent via oodles bounced back…It said unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server. And another one just pinged back as “delayed”


      • Sorry Dabs,

        Yes, my phone was off the hook. Partied all night and didn’t get to bed till 7.00 am. 😉

        It’s amazing. I was nearly going to phone you this morning at 5.00 my time, but thought the shock may have been too much for you. 😆


      • Thanks Bryan. It’s hard to try to figure things out unless you’re told what the problem is. (unless of course you think a quick ~ on spec ~prayer and a few bucks in the collection plate would do the trick?!)

        ….And Monica: Since they do hexes in Malta I was beginning to worry.
        But of course every single woman I call is on the bloody phone!
        …… even if it is because I just rang her. 😆

        ….and you might get me at 5 am. By then I’m usually back from my first lot of dog-walks and feeds.
        And recently a goat too. It’s incredible how many people take on animals and have NO idea about their needs. eg. Goats AREN’T lawnmowers (grazers); they’re browsers, that need leaves and twiggy stuff. (blackberries/roses/ among others ~ and love rockmelons!) So there I am sometime after 3am sneaking around the neighbourhood, secateurs in hand pruning the local shrubbery!….and trying to shut up the two dogs that live in the same backyard with Doggybix!

        On the upside, though, the local Salt-of-the-Earth is making a point of looking the other way these days! (One word from me and they’re mired down in paperwork for a week! 😉 )
        ….and apparently some of the local burglars and snow-droppers have caught on:- walk around with secateurs, a dog-lead or two, yelling out loudly “Get back here you bloody mongrel!!”… and the coppers don’t want to know you! 😆


      • You make me laugh mate…thanks..
        Dawn and I are minding a beautiful pooch for a few days…and that means I get up early to do the breakfast, walk in he park, cuddles with dog. Not my usual style but we’re loving it. So does he it seems…


      • ps. It’s just occurred to me that 5am there is 7am here, by which time I’ve done all the walkies/chores, dozed off over breakfast and fired off a couple of offensive posts to Faithworks.

        Any wonder you Westerners are only now getting rubber tyres on your stagecoaches!


      • Careful there lad! You’re displaying positive prospects for conversion!
        I’ve always said there’s a soulful yearning within us to make a connection with our roots, and pooches make a great vehicle for achieving that.
        The web and warp of life, if nothing else, makes us relatives.
        Just open yourself up to infusion by the Spirit of Dog.
        (and I’m only half kidding 😉 )

        A mate of mine, real hardcase old-timer, union organiser in the brutal old days and serious alcoholic, failed marriage in the nastiest of circumstances, etc., resisted my advances for years, but recently took on a small dog ‘just temporarily, because she looked so sad locked in the yard all the time’.
        Needless to say in time the pooch came right out of herself: sees and loves a brand new world.
        Wally too.


      • Thanks mate. I know what you mean. I even find something wonderful in picking up this pooch’s poo. We had breakfast together this morning – fruit toast. His family is coming to pick him up tomorrow afternoon and it will be hard to not have him here all the time. Fortunately he just lives over the road…but yeah, it’s wonderful to commune with a beaut dog.


      • Get thee behind me Monica!!
        Several very tempting responses came immediately to mind in answer to your question, but then I remembered your delicate nature (and the censor!), and was moved to ‘play it straight’.
        Snow-droppers, otherwise known as ‘Knicker-knockers’, were weird and wild-eyed people (often genic droolers) who snuck around at night stealing women’s underwear off clotheslines, especially panties, and doing really strange things with them.
        The practice seems to be not as rampant these days ~ either because women don’t hang them out for whatever reason or because it’s easier to
        go down to K-Mart and buy a dozen for about $3.

        Unfortunately that trend did, of course, contribute to the decline of social conversation (aka gossip) and thence to the rise of blogsites and such, along with their their anonymity and fragmentation of society in general.

        I’ll bet your never realised your used knickers could play such a large role in the maintenance of civilisation, did you? 😉


      • ps….and before some clever-dick gets started:- No: that ‘$3″ was just a guess!
        ….and no: I wasn’t suggesting you needed to wear large knickers! 🙂


      • LOL Dabs,

        I tried to look up the meaning of ‘snow-droppers’ on the net before I asked you, and all I came up with is that they are an Australian blues rock band.

        There are some sick people in this world. I actually knew an intellectually challenged man who had a poo fetish. I had absolutely no idea that such a creature could exist until he fixated upon me and my poo habits. What on earth happens to these folk to turn them into such freaks? Anyway, thanks for the education mate. I could kick myself for asking so many questions sometimes…..but I can’t help it, I just have to know. 🙂


      • LOL Kathleen,

        Some people never mature, (having reached an advanced state of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult), regardless of how old they are. I think Dabs and I fit the bill. 😉


      • Y’shouldn’t pooh-pooh, so to speak, poo, Mon….or the supposed ‘fetishists’ and/or ‘freaks’ who openly show an interest in the stuff.
        All other living things understand its value and the information/other benefits it yields ~ even baby homosaps (and their mothers! – think back) investigate it more than glancingly ~ because the reality is that all life as we know it depends on it’s production; we fight wars and build economies on the strength and quality of it.
        It’s the very reason we eat food:- if you don’t eat you don’t poop; and if you don’t poop you die! Even oxygen, the other thing we can’t do without to sustain life is, after all, plant excreta.
        Our instincts tell us that even if we don’t realise it; every time you get off the throne you look back before you flush, don’t you?.
        …If you don’t then YOU run the risk of being labelled a ‘fetishist’ or ‘freak’ for going against the SOP.

        There’s an old saying:- “In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king.”

        (Not necessarily accurate, according the HGWells, but nevertheless.)

        .Off y’go now……back to preparing lunch. 🙂


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