Australia joins calls on Sudan execution


Australia is urging Sudanese authorities to stop the execution of a Christian woman found guilty of converting from Islam.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag was sentenced to death on May 15 under the Islamic sharia law that has been in place since 1983 and outlaws conversions under pain of death.

She is appealing her case.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia is standing with the international community in urging Sudan to stop the execution and save the 27-year-old, who gave birth to a baby girl in prison this week.

“Freedom of religion or belief is a core human right, and that this freedom must be respected in all countries in accordance with international human rights law,” Ms Bishop said in a statement.

Sudan’s foreign ministry on Sunday repudiated a pledge the government would order the release of Meriam Ibrahim, warning only the country’s courts could order her freedom.

Ms Ibrahim’s father was a Muslim, but she was raised as a Christian by her Christian mother, and says that she has not committed apostasy because she was never a Muslim.

Judges in Sudan’s strict courts system disagreed. Ms Ibrahim was found guilty of abandoning Islam and of adultery with a Christian man and sentenced to 100 lashes and death.

Ms Ibrahim testified that she was raised as a Christian after her father abandoned the family when she was young.

She produced a marriage certificate as evidence that she had not committed adultery, and called three witnesses from her eastern Sudanese home town to testify of her lifelong adherence to Christianity.

But she was found guilty of apostasy on May 11, and given four days to convert to Islam. When she refused, she was sentenced to hang – although the judge ruled that it should not be carried out until two years after she had given birth.


10 thoughts on “Australia joins calls on Sudan execution

  1. “1 June 2014 Last updated at 17:44 BST
    The husband of a woman sentenced to death in Sudan for abandoning Islam has told the BBC he has not been informed that his wife will be released.
    Reports on Saturday said a Sudanese official had confirmed that Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth in custody, would be freed in a few days.
    But the foreign ministry said on Sunday Ms Ibrahim could only be released after a successful judicial appeal.”

    With enough pressure from the rest of the world, the judicial appeal could succeed.


    • Maybe it could, Strewth.
      But if it does it’ll be for the wrong reasons.
      …….and the bullshit will live on to claim other victims.
      ’twas ever so.


  2. Why is it that the majority on the planet have the concept of “PUNISHMENT”
    A few weeks back I was walking around the block and meet someone I know.

    He started talking about how unsafe it was getting and they should punish harder those responsible and even bring back the death penalty .
    He has very strong judgment about this and a very religious person as well .
    He also stated how he disliked homosexuals and they should put a stop to it .
    At this point I pointed out that his belief is we are ALL going to be judged by a super being .
    and who was he to decide who to punish and how far he believes he should go ?
    As long as what people do willingly to themselves and each other and no one is around we have nothing to do with it.
    As to the concept of punishment we have no right to inflict pain or suffering into another .
    Removing them from the general population to place them amongst their kind is the only way to safeguard the majority.
    That way there is no punishment given out by society.

    Any other way contradict his own beliefs :-HYPOCRISY : And he believes he has higher morals !!


  3. Another absurd situation where religion inevitably instigates life-and-death problems (and rippling repercussions) where none would exist otherwise!

    And Julie Bishop is quite wrong:- ““Freedom of religion or belief is a core human right,”
    There are NO ‘core’ ~ or even ‘non-core’, a la Little Johnny Howard ~ ‘rights’:- other than those which can be enforced…and then only WHILE they can be enforced. As a member of the ruling junta in a Police State there’s no way she can avoid knowing that.
    eg. What about the ‘core freedom of people to practise islamic religious ‘beliefs’?

    A more rational principle might be:- Freedom of religion is a core right of a sovereign State, since it is the State that has the power (hence authority) to make and enforce laws. And that includes both laws of which the individual approves and those of which he/she doesn’t approve.

    Sort of like the abrogation of my ‘core human right not to be stood over to pay taxes’ because the State builds roads for my use.
    I presume you remember your own stout defence of the Taxation system??

    Simplified, but exactly the same principle.


  4. ” Let mercy be showed to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he do wickedly…” Isa 26:10

    We have no right to inflict pain and suffering onto another? But removing them from the general population and putting them amongst their kind is a way of inflicting pain and suffering on them.
    Telling a thief not to steal is a form of inflicting pain and suffering.

    “As long as what people do willingly to themselves and each other and no one is around we have nothing to do with it.” Congratulations! You have just described how paedophilia operates and have supported its continuance provided it is kept secret.


    • So how do you spin such crap .
      And one that spin you believe it is fine to dispense torture and death to who you dislike .
      So this woman should be killed ??
      She has plainly gone against the demands of those claiming the moral high ground .
      No difference between the action of the RC and Giordano Bruno
      Both religions have moved into a position of killing who ever they dislike :””GREAT “”


      • But of course!
        Following the example and instruction of the god of all the universes (whatever his real name is!)


      • I wasn’t talking about this woman but responding to the fact that you don’t believe criminals and criminal activity should be punished, then go and tell us that they should be separated from society. Secondly I was talking about the type of crimes which people like you tolerate as being consensual. The reason I brought up paedophilia is that my experience with some of the victims of this crime, indicates that it was consensual when it happened. Consensual because the children involved did not know better, they trusted that what the adults involved were doing the right thing. The guilt came after the victim matured sufficiently to understand the wrongness of the act. But those who support this sort of crime always tell us that whilst it is consensual there is nothing wrong with the practice.

        In fact it was you that suggested that the woman in question should be tortured and killed by bringing in the issue of consensual acts into the debate. It was you who questioned the issue of punishment in the first place. Finally it was you who said we do not have the right to inflict punishment. So it was you who supports the idea that this woman should be tortured and killed.


    • On that basis it is time to put cameras in all places the clergy go .
      Nothing wrong with that !
      After all they claim theres a all seeing all knowing watching .now !!
      What would it matter if everyone else watched .
      How about we put a 24/7/365 watch on you just to keep curtain you don,t sin .
      Aaah remember the movie :- THX1138 then imagine the religions getting such power


      • Uniformed androids are nothing new AT. They’re the Salt of the Earth!
        I’ve previously suggested everybody should read ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and Brave New World’ in tandem; do that and you’ll not only get a contemporary picture of the world today, but also a more cerebral version of this movie.

        …Pass the Soma!


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